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25 Free Tools to Help You Build Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Apr 24, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Friday Freebies: 

To help you boost your business growth - we put together a list of our 25 most popular premium real estate downloads and organized them by category. Enjoy!


Top 25 Free Tools to Help You Grow Your Business:

Social Media

  1. Social Media 101: A Guide for Real Estate Pros
    This information-packed eBook will help you decide which social platforms you should be using to market your business (and why!). 

  2. SEO & Visibility Guidebook
    We've compiled a list of major sites you need to have a business presence on in order to be more discoverable online (including popular social sites!). Use this guidebook to generate brand awareness and increase your odds of being found in search results.

  3. Twitter Quick Reference Guide for Agents
    This guide includes:
    -- Links to a variety of knowledge base and getting started resources
    -- A Twitter Decoder that demystifies the most common Twitter language
    -- Real estate specific posting tips to help you leverage Twitter to drive new business

  4. Pinterest Marketing Guide
    Want to start promoting your business on Pinterest but aren't sure where to begin? Download our free Pinterest Real Estate Marketing Guide for ideas on how you can use various tactics to drive traffic to your website and generate new leads.

  5. Getting Started with Video Guide
    Use this idea-packed guide and start incorporating video marketing (particularly YouTube - a great SEO building tool!) into your real estate business strategy today. 

Generating Leads

  1. Lead Targeting Blueprint
    Learn how to create lead profiles & cater your marketing to your audience to maximize the effectiveness of your lead gen marketing.

  2. Facebook Graph Search Step-by-Step Tutorial
    You'll learn:
    -- How to use graph search to find local leads
    -- How to use filters to pinpoint specific lead types
    -- What keywords to search for to find seller leads

  3. 33 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value
    Use this free guide to generate more seller leads for your real estate business. Simply add it to your site and include a lead gate for access, then promote via email and through social channels.

  4. Blog Title Brainstorming Worksheet
    An informative real estate blog can serve as a fantastic lead generation tool. Make sure you get plenty of traffic by using this blog title brainstorming worksheet to come up with engaging, powerful post titles your leads won't be able to resist clicking on!

  5. Traffic Optimization Guide
    Get step-by-step instructions and examples on how to create and optimize effective real estate marketing content that will attract highly targeted real estate leads to your website with our free Traffic Optimization Guide.


  1. Real Estate Training Resource Guide
    Take advantage of real estate training resources on a variety of topics. We've compiled a comprehensive list of hundreds of real estate training resources. 

  2. Weekly Marketing Planner
    This planner includes:
    -- A convenient weekly marketing planner
    -- Multiple time slots per day for better organization
    -- Our top tips for maximizing your productivity

  3. Ultimate App Productivity Guide Agents
    Productivity on the go is critical to agents like you. Constantly being out on the road means you have less desk hours to get your "office" work done. We've hand-picked 22 great mobile productivity apps that will help you accomplish more wherever you are!

  4. Marketing Metrics Worksheet
    Many commonly used real estate metrics fail to give you the big picture of how successful your marketing tactics are. By not knowing the big picture, you'll fail to make the right decisions when they matter most. Our worksheet guides you in calculating the 5 metrics that can give you great insight into how you're performing.

  5. Real Estate Paperwork Organizational Checklist
    There is a TON of paperwork involved in a real estate transaction. How do you make sure you have everything you need on file to simplify future property transactions or to keep your business safe in the case of a dispute? Use our free real estate paperwork checklist!


Building Your Brand

  1. Real Estate Brand Strategy Worksheet
    Create an effective brand in 5 simple steps. Download this Real Estate Branding Worksheet and complete each step to develop a killer brand that will work for you and your business.

  2. 5 Keys to Successful Logo Design
    This guide includes:
    -- Details on how to create a compelling, memorable logo
    -- Examples of big brands implementing the 5 keys
    -- A case study summary with the recipe for logo success

  3. Real Estate Slogan Brainstorm Guide
    Our free real estate slogan brainstorm guide will help you develop a unique, effective and memorable slogan. 

  4. Real Estate Marketing Flyer Template
    Using real estate flyers to get the word out on a property listing is more of an art than a science. But, there are some key elements that every realtor needs to include on a flyer to avoid wasting money (and time) on the campaign. 

  5. Real Estate Headshot Best Practices Guide
    There are lots of not-so-great agent photos out there, make sure yours isn't one of them. Find out exactly what it takes to get a perfect, professional real estate agent headshot.


Most Popular Business Boosters:

  1. Ultimate Guide to Selling
    Use this free, customizable slideshow to capture more seller leads! Open it in PowerPoint, add your contact information to the "About Me" slide, save it as a PDF and offer it as a free premium download to seller leads via email marketing or on your website.

  2. Social Strategy Planner
    Get your real estate social media marketing off to a strong start with our FREE social planning & social landscape guide. 

  3. The 5 C’s to Effective Real Estate marketing
    Use our free "5 C's Guide" to make sure you're hitting the mark when you create marketing content and materials.

  4. Free Listing Presentation Template
    A listing presentation is your opportunity to really connect with potential clients, prove that you are results-driven and explain why you are the best agent for the job. Wow your prospects and get more listing contracts!

  5. Zillow Success Toolkit
    Are you a Zillow Premier Agent or are you considering signing up for the program? If so, you're going to want to read this. You probably already know that the Zillow Premier Agent program provides highly qualified real estate leads - but the question is, how do you get more of them? Our toolkit will teach you!

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