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3 Habits That Cause Real Estate Agents to Fail

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Aug 23, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Part of being successful is developing good habits. The other part is to acknowledge when you have developed bad habits. Here are 3 habits that will lead to your eventual failure that you can change TODAY.

3 Habits That Cause Real Estate Agents to Fail

Here are 3 Habits That Can Eventually Lead to Your Downfall

1. Time Management Skills Lacking

There are many people out there that are excellent at going with the flow. While that may be many people's preferred method of locomotion through life, it is necessary to have a more calculated approach when it comes to your real estate business. Do you lack time management skills? If so, there are plenty of resources available online to assist you with being efficient with how you utilize your time. Some examples are having set times to check your email, instead of checking it everytime something new comes into your inbox. This allows you to control your priorities instead of being sidetracked by distractions that can throw you off course.

2. Not Taking Ownership for Success

If you are not successful, own up to it! This will sound harsh, but your failures are likely due to a shortcoming you are blaming on something else. There are plenty of variables you are unable to predict in the real estate industry, but there are many that you can if you want to. Don't complain about struggling when you aren't putting 100% into cold calling, lead follow up, and online marketing. On paper, it is a simple formula...but there are agents out there that will blame their website for leads that don't pan out, despite those leads not being followed up with properly. Don't be that agent.

3. They Try To Do Everything Themselves

What would you do if your best told you they would like to sell their home themselves. You would be offended right? Because you know you are an expert who has the training and resources to get your friend's home sold for top dollar. Photographers, Graphic Designers, Website Builders, SEO Professionals, and other experts feel the same way when you decide to do it yourself. Don't be afraid to outsource some of these tasks! This will help you overcome the other two habits. Hiring a photographer will save you so much time. Utilizing an intelligent CRM with years of data to nurture leads with organic emails will help you with proper lead follow up.

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