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3 Ideas to Get New Real Estate Leads (Even on a Monday)

Posted by Rachel Garris

Mar 18, 2019 10:14:45 AM

3 Ideas to Prospect New Real Estate business


Oh, Monday. This day usually carries a bad reputation, but you may find your Monday particularly painful after the St. Patrick's Day weekend festivities. One too many green beers can leave you with a headache - and that only adds to the headache of trying to get new real estate leads. Do you feel like you've tried everything, but are stalling in your efforts to generate new real estate leads? Nurse that prospecting hangover with our 3 ideas to get real estate leads, and don't forget the Pedialyte!


Here’s 3 Ideas to Get New Real Estate Leads

  1. Reach out to FSBO Listings

Up for a challenge? This idea isn't as difficult as it may sound. FSBO listings make a great lead list, because their owners are already looking to sell, and their current strategy is probably not working if their listing is still on the market. While this may be a bit of a cold call, never fear! We have a free, downloadable infographic to help show these potential leads the benefits of using an agent instead of FSBO. Download, share, and generate some fresh leads!


  1. Talk to Local Divorce Attorneys

Seem like an odd idea? Keep in mind that a good majority of people going through a divorce will be looking to sell their home quickly and for maximum profit. We don't mean to sound calloused, and you shouldn't feel badly for exploring this avenue - people need help closing chapters in their life, and need a professional to help it go smoothly. Networking with local, reputable divorce attorneys is a great way to create a mutually beneficial referral source.


  1. Use Instagram for Millennial Leads

Don't underestimate millennials! 14% of real estate agents are on Instagram, but an astounding 59% of millennials are on Instagram. Build up your personal brand, get to know what millennials are searching for in a home (and an agent), and use this social media outlet to your advantage. We would recommend using a business account instead of your personal account to keep your content curated, and even dip your toes into promoting your Instagram posts through paid ads.

You've got this! Power through those Monday blues, and find new ways to generate real estate leads. By taking initiative to call FSBO listings, finding a new referral network with divorce attorneys, and using Instagram to target a new millennial audience, you can turn that hangover around in no time, and make the most of your Monday.

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