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30 Real Estate Email Subject Lines that Entice Leads

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

May 1, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Email marketing isn’t dead, you may need to just revamp your current campaign. When buyer and seller leads are navigating through their inbox or spam folders, they’re deciding in less than seconds whether an email is worth their time. In fact, one study found 69% of email recipients report email as spam, based on the subject line alone. Email subject lines are a huge component of successful email campaigns. Subject lines, if done correctly, will entice readers to open your emails, not mark them as spam.


Use this list of Real Estate email subject lines to increase your email open rates:



This list of email subject lines will help you get started with a successful campaign. Personalized subject lines are designed to make your audience think they have met you previously. When a reader thinks an email might be from someone they know, as opposed to spam, they’ll be much more likely to open it. 

Quick Question
“Insert Name” Referred Me To You
Let’s Meet Up for [Insert Activity] on [Insert Date]
One More Thing
Let's get together [insert date]
I have to ask
I called, you didn’t answer
I missed you last week
You weren't home, so I left a message
How about next (MTWTFSS)?
I need your opinion
[insert name] how have you been?

Tired of entering each individual lead name into every email? Zurple customizes mass email sends for you. Our Conversations™ Software can reference lead’s names and previous online search within in each subject line, such as previous markets and listings views. To see how Zurple can increase your email open rate:

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Similar Interest

These subject headers will entice leads due to the fact that they are currently looking for or selling a home. Including lead’s target market within the subject line will increase their interest, as they can work with a limited number of agents serving that neighborhood.

I Heard You're Looking for a Home
What You Should Know About the [insert target market] housing market
Why other agents can’t help you
Prices are [increasing/decreasing] in [insert target market]
Up & coming neighborhoods in [insert target market]
Here’s where you should buy/sell in [insert target market]
I can help you [buy/sell your home]


It’s true that when you’re unsure of who or where an email came from, you’ll be more likely to open it. That email could be from a former colleague, a new job opportunity or a distant friend. Ambiguous emails entice the reader to find out who the sender is.

[A Blank Subject Line]
Where do we go from here?
We don’t know what’s next
We’ve got you covered
It’s better if you didn’t know
Here's Your Private Invite


Urgency is used in many different marketing tactics, think of 24 hour sales or limited edition items. The email header should make leads feel like they might miss out on a opportunity, if they do not open your email.

There’s still time
It begins today
It ends today
Things are heating up in [insert target market]
Why you should buy/sell now in [insert target market]

Another huge aspect of lead conversion from email campaigns is response rate. Studies show, leads are 4 times more likely to convert into a client, when you respond within the first 5 minutes. After the first 30 minutes, leads are 21 times less likely to convert. That’s why Zurple developed Conversations. Our Conversations software communicates with leads on agent’s behalf. Each message is sent with five minutes with personalized email and text messages. These messages reference lead’s previous online home search history, concealing that messages are not from the agent.

See if Conversations™ Services Your Market 

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