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5 Steps to Keep You Focused on Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Apr 21, 2015 7:00:00 AM

In today's Agent Insights post, Debbie Reynolds - a Real Estate Agent in Clarksville, Tennessee - talks about 5 steps that will help you consistently grow your business.

Here's Debbie:

DebbieReynoldsGreat business success doesn't happen by accident. It happens because you created a business plan and stayed focused on the execution of that plan. Being focused means paying attention to details without losing sight of the big picture.

Entrepreneurs can not be successful by running around, putting out fires and trying every new thing that comes along. It doesn't work - and neither does complacency. In order to remain successful the business owner must be able to change but must remain focused. Wondering how well you're executing - or realizing you need some help?

Follow these 5 steps to stay focused on your real estate business:

  1. Know your value proposition like the back of your hand: 

    If someone asks you what you do, rather than say, "I sell homes", you need to be able to provide a detailed answer that defines your value. For example, I assist people in creating better living solutions. To do so, I act as a positive, helpful partner in buying or selling a home by serving as a trusted resource for answers about the real estate process. I also use innovative marketing strategies, am an expert in my area, provide support through closing and beyond, am always up-to-date on real estate industry changes and I have strong negotiation skills. Knowing that all of these details are part of my value proposition and being able to speak to them makes it easy for me to promote myself and my business. 

  2. Create change - don't react to it: 

    The real estate industry is constantly changing. In fact, something dramatic probably changed from the time you started reading this post to now. Don't let those changes take you by surprise! Stay on top of real estate industry news and trends, do in-depth research so that you understand how changes will impact your business and be ready to implement new business practices as needed.

  3. Frequently assess your business:

    Every few months, take inventory of where you have strengths in the market as well as where you are weak and vulnerable. Doing so will help you set your focus for future success and consistent re-evaluations will help you determine what's paying off and what you need to pivot strategies on. 

  4. Consistently execute an effective marketing strategy:

    This one is simple - don’t simply follow the latest shiny new media application. Instead, create a well thought out marketing plan.

           Need help determining what's working? Use our free marketing metrics worksheet:
    Get Your Free Marketing Metrics Worksheet
  5. Understand (and cater to) generational differences. 

    Different generations have different needs, communicate differently, and engage with your business differently. Be prepared to cater to all types of leads and clients for best results.

About Debbie:

For Real Estate Services in Clarksville TN, Debbie Reynolds can help you buy the right home or sell the home you have. Debbie has the experience and skills to assist you to get you to your real estate goals.  To connect with Debbie, visit her website: www.buyorsellclarksville.com.


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