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6 Tools That'll Help You Land Your Next Listing Presentation

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Apr 24, 2017 7:30:00 AM

Preparing for a listing presentation is no walk in the park. This technological age has leads demanding more out of agents. The good news is that technology has allowed agents to prepare detailed presentations in less time. There is now technology to help agents do everything from creating CMA reports to rehearsing their presentation speech. Use the tools below to create and present a stellar listing presentation.Listing_Presentation_Tools.jpg

Turn leads into clients with these 6 listing presentation tools:


Hubspot’s 13 Ebook Templates

Set your listing presentation apart from other agents, by using an e-book or White Papers instead of a PowerPoint presentation, you’ll leave leads impressed with your marketing skills.

Cloud CMA

Creating a comparative market analysis of a lead’s home within a list price range of client’s home doesn’t have to be a time intensive process. Cloud CMA is software designed to help agents impress clients with detailed reports that take minutes.

Zurple’s Marketing Flyer Success Guide + Template

Many leads may be interested in which marketing materials you’d use. Prepare ahead of time with professional listing marketing package. Use Zurple’s free flyer template to easily incorporate a paper flyer into their listing marketing package.

Prompster Public Speaking App

If you have noone to practice your presentation with, try Prompster for just $1.99. Users can upload .txt. documents from programs such as MS Word. Users also have the ability to save and send speechs via email, so you can have others provide feedback.  

Home Value Tools

One of your leads most important questions will be: How much is my home worth? Use these free tools to gage what your lead may believe how much their home is worth:
Zillow, Redfin, ForSaleByOwner, Chase, Bank of America, Surefield, and Eppraisal.

Public Records

Surprise leads with facts about their property from previous owners that may affect it’s value. Agents no longer have to visit the County Courthouse to access property files. Best of all the web databases below are free:
Courthousedirect.com provides digital copies of mortgages, past deeds, liens, abstracts of judgement, releases, and other county courthouse documents)
KnowX provides property records & other public info including bankruptcies, death records and more.

Don't have any listing presentations lined up? Zurple can generate qualified seller leads in your target markets. We use social media marketing and search engine marketing services to generate leads in your targert markets. Our Conversations software follows up with these leads with personalized email and text messages that reference these leads prior online search history. That way you spend less time prospecting online and more time with clients.

Start generating qualified seller leads in your market.

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