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6 Ways to Connect with Dead Real Estate Leads

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

May 10, 2017 8:00:00 AM

There is a huge value in inactive leads, however some agents are simply too impatient to wait for the lead to convert. In fact, on average, 80% of all general business leads require five or more followups before conversion, according to Huffington Post. Real Estate leads require even more followups. If the average transaction takes five followups, imagine how long it takes to convert a Real Estate lead who is about to make one of the largest transactions of their life. Following the tips below will not only help you save time, but also help you convert or bring those dead leads back to life.

Turn Dead Real Estate Leads into Clients with these Six Tips

Become a Source of Knowledge

Starting a Real Estate blog and/or newsletter is a great way to become a source of knowledge for undecided leads. If a lead is reviewing your market reports from your weekly newsletter or blog, they’ll gain confidence in your knowledge of their local market.

Use an Event as an Opportunity to Reconnect

Many companies use new product launches, office moves, or new hires as a PR opportunity. Be sure to announce changes to your brokerage or real estate team through email, social media, or press releases. Including a call-to-action within these PR announcements will make you relevant to leads again.

Automate Contact

Automating your interactions with leads is will save time. However, agents should utilize data-enriched automation for their social media and email accounts. Nothing says spam like a generic drip email campaign. Zurple’s Conversations™ software sends personalized email and text messages based on the lead’s previous online home search history. Best of all each message is sent within the first five minutes of each lead's request. Try Conversations™ for yourself:

Request a Zurple Demo Today

Automate Your Social Media

Social media doesn’t have to be time consuming. Setting up a management platform will save you the time needed to post each day or the cost of hiring an assistant. Interacting and providing valuable content to stale leads will remind them of your services. PropertyPulse is a social media management platform designed specifically for Real Estate agents. PropertyPulse's Social Auto Poster software automatically posts fresh content to your Facebook feed. The Social Auto-Poster uses RSS feeds to repost content from trending websites. Agents also have the option to manually schedule their own personalized posts in advance. Try PropertyPulse free for 30 days here.

Know When to Invest Time

If a lead makes responds with a non-committal response to one of your emails, be sure to take the time to respond. Even if their questions is unrelated to your services, responding to them increases their likelihood of converting.

Never Eliminate Leads From Your Database

Many real estate and marketing professionals believe their is no such thing as a “dead lead.” You never know when a dormant lead might raise their hand. Zurple agent, Suzanne Trammell, was able to close a lead who signed up on her website three years ago through Zurple’s Conversations.™ See the rest of Suzanne’s story here.

Have a huge database of dormant leads? Hand them over to Zurple. Our Conversations
software engages leads on your behalf, so that you don’t have to. Conversations™ sends data-enriched email and text messages. These personalized messages reference leads’ specific online behaviors, including previous properties and neighborhoods viewed. Zurple’s lead priority ranking feature then lets you know when a lead is hot or it’s time to give them a phone call, so you spend less time nurturing cold leads.

Engage More Leads Without the Effort

Learn More About Zurple's Automated Lead Nurturing


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