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9 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2017

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Jul 14, 2017 6:00:00 AM

So far in 2017, we’ve seen some major changes to the real estate industry. Sites like Redfin and OpenDoor continue to revolutionize real estate market. We’ve also seen interest rates continue to rise steadily and housing inventory reaching all time lows. With these major changes already underway, agents will need to think of new and creative ways to start generating leads for the rest of the year. Get Q3 started on the right foot by trying a few new marketing tactics. We’ve provided marketing ideas that can help you start capturing and converting real estate leads. 

9 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2017


Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Generating Seller Leads 

Idea # 1: Segment Your Pipeline - Group Your Leads by Type

Obviously not all home sellers have the same wants and needs. Segment your seller lead base into actionable groups. You’ll want a different strategy for converting first time home sellers vs retirees vs divorced clients. You’ll also be searching for these leads in different places, they may be in different social media groups and social circles. Zurple's lead targeting blue print makes lead nurturing more effective. The blue print includes a step-by-step walkthrough of the buyer and seller profile creation process. Get your copy here:

Get Your Free Lead Targeting Blueprint

Idea # 2: Become a Source of Knowledge - Create Content that Attract Leads Off Search Engine Sites

Pew Research Center defines “content” as “material people contribute to the online world.” Agents looking for seller leads should create content that helps attract leads to their website. Content ideas include infographics, powerpoints, blog articles, and market reports. Topic ideas include ways to get your home sold, how to price your home, sold home reports, the benefits of having a real estate agent, and how to find the best agent in your neighborhood. The best part about content creation is that it’s free for agents. If you’re looking for fresh new content, you’re in luck! Zurple just released “Stress Free Home Sales,” a customizable conversation starting tool. Share this customizable PowerPoint via email, LinkedIn, or Facebook to get seller leads interested in your services.
Download our   "Stress Free Home Sales"  PowerPoint

Idea # 3: Prove Your Worth - Build a Persuasive Listing Presentation

Your listing presentation is your first impression. Be sure you are personalizing each preso according to the lead’s local markets, desired sale price and date. This is your one chance to show why you’re the best agent in their market. To be sure your next listing presentation is error free checkout our listing presentation checklist here: http://blog.zurple.com/listing-presentation-checklist.

Idea # 4: Search Your Extended Network - Take Advantage of Facebook’s Recent Algorithm Changes

Facebook recently changed its mission statement to “bring the world closer together.” Algorithms on the world’s largest social media platform are now favored towards groups. Agents looking for seller leads should be active in their local Facebook groups. Search for groups centered on topics sellers are interested in such as garage sales and home staging.
For a thorough geographic search of seller leads, try using Facebook’s graphs. This handy feature of facebook allows users to find people in their extended network, aka friends of your friends and family. Zurple created a step-by-step guide to using Facebook’s graph search for lead generation. Click below to get your own copy of our Facebook Graph Search Guideline.
Get Your Copy Here

Idea # 5: Find Dead Leads - Find deceased sellers

Probate Sales: A probate sale occurs when a legal court oversees the settlement of an estate after the owner has passed. Agents can use probate sales to their advantage by selling the deceased individual’s home. To find probate sales, start a local search of recent deaths in your market, either in your local newspapers obituaries or local newsletters (i.e. your church, PTA newsletter). Then search these individuals in your local probate records.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Generating Buyer Leads 

Idea # 6: Get Personal - Use the Real Estate Industry's Only Non-Drip Email Service

Sending leads generic, non personalized emails is a quick way to get unsubscribed. Use an email service to personalize each email subject line to contain the lead’s first and/or last name. Redo your monthly newsletter to include market reports for each lead’s neighborhood. Zurple is the online email automation service that doesn’t drip. Each lead will be tracked online, providing you with an overview of their searches and online behaviors. Zurple’s data enriched software then references specific properties and neighborhoods a lead has previously viewed online in the body of email and text messages. Lead’s can’t detect automation, allowing you to continue working while zurple nurtures for you. To learn more about Zurple, including how we're different/better/awesomer than any other real estate software company, schedule a brief demo or consultation with one of our Account Executives below:
Request a Live Demo of Zurple

Idea # 7: Market the Mortgage as Well as the Home - Use Assumable Mortgages to Attract Buyers

If you have an existing listing with either a FHA or VA mortgage purchased within the past couple of years, you can market the home as “assumable.” These loans had lower interest rates in years prior and will help both the buyer and seller if the buyer takes over these loans. An assumable mortgage allows the buyer to take over the seller’s home loan.

Idea # 8: Dominate Your Market - Get Hyperlocal

Hyper local marketing focuses on a smaller audience segment such as a specific neighborhood, city, county, or MLS board. Hyper local marketing is beneficial to service oriented industries such as dentists, attorneys, and real estate agents. A smaller audience means a smaller marketing budget and less competition to meet your target audience. Check out this article for more hyper-local real estate marketing ideas: http://blog.zurple.com/7-benefits-of-hyperlocal-real-estate-marketing
Zurple offers exclusive buyer and seller leads for your target markets. We purchase limited ad space for your target markets, so you’ll never be competing with other agents in your area. Check here to see if Zurple is available in your target markets.
Check Availability in Your Market

Idea # 9: Take Advantage of Free Tools - Use Zurple’s Agent Success Center

Zurple has countless free marketing materials for real estate agents in our Agent Success Center. For everything from listing presentation templates to marketing flyers, we’ve got you covered. Access our free database here: http://go.zurple.com/real-estate-success-center

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