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Conversations Case Study: #FastAgent Kenny Truong

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Mar 13, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Zillow + Conversations are the Key to Success for #FastAgent Kenny Truong


Kenny didn't start out in real estate - but rather fell into it when a colleague identified him as a natural fit for the space. Today, he works for Climb Real Estate and is a top agent in his area. Kenny uses both Zillow and Conversations to power his business.


25 a week
New leads from Zillow
(6 month average)

new client closes 
(in the past 24 months)

$23 Million
in sales for 2014
(35 million projected for 2015)


Company Bio:

Climb Real Estate

Climb Real Estate Group was founded in 2010 on a single vision: to redefine residential real estate. Climb Real Estate has made it their goal to innovate the home buying and selling experience, empower their agents and to create sustainable home ownership that builds Bay Area communities. The company has five Bay Area locations and has grown over 1,000% in 4 years with over $1.6 billion in sales since inception.


Motivation & Smart Tech Tools Power Kenny to the Top

Kenny became a full time real estate agent in September of 2010 and closed his first sale in March of the next year. He quickly realized that he had the drive to succeed in the industry - and he was more than willing to put in the hardwork. To stand apart from the competition, Kenny branded himself as #FastAgent and built his business model around focusing on delivery speedy service to all his leads and clients - both online and offline. His branding decision paid off - several months after starting his real estate career, Kenny had become one of the top performing agents in his area. 

In addition to his focus on speedy service, Kenny decided to invest in the Zillow Premier Agent program. He purchased several zip codes in his area and quickly started seeing an influx in relevant home shopper leads. To keep up with the increase while maintaining his #FastAgent reputation, Kenny signed up with Conversations. He was quickly wowed by Converstion's intelligent automation.  

Today, Conversations is an integral and extremely valuable part of Kenny's business. He uses the lead engagement and conversion software to intelligently manage follow-up and nurture his leads until he's able to personally connect. Since he started using the system, his conversion rates have increased tremendously. Kenny is regularly recommending Conversations to other agents because he's been so impressed with the results.

  • Kenny - who was identified by a colleague as a great fit for the real estate space - knew he needed to work hard and effectively brand himself to find success as a new agent in a competitive market. He became known as 'Kenny Truong - #FastAgent' and incorporated  dedication to fast, friendly service into his business model.

  • As Kenny started to grow his business and invest in lead generation, he quickly realized he was going to need some help managing all his new contacts - so he signed up for Conversations. Not only did Conversations provide assistance in helping Kenny live up to his #FastAgent name, it also helped him significantly increase his lead conversion within just one month. 

Brand new leads are in the first step of their buyer's journey known as the awareness stage. At this point, a lead is nowhere near ready to choose an agent. In fact, they haven’t even decided if it makes sense to commit to buying yet. Kenny knows this - and he trusts Conversations to help him make meaningful connections with these leads that will help nurture them towards a point where they are ready to connect with him in person. Conversations does this by providing ongoing messages with relevant information that is selected based on what the lead is searching for. These messages could cover anything from additional properties that meet the lead's search criteria to price drop notifications for a favorite property. 

"Using Conversations is like having an assistant that works for me 24/7.”

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