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Diary of a Potential Home Buyer (and Her Overzealous Realtor Friend)

Posted by Irina Jordan

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Aug 28, 2015 9:00:00 AM


Based on a true story - names omited to protect the overzealous. 

Saturday July 15th, 2015

8:00am -
Dear Diary,
So get this... this morning, a rapid succession of 3 text messages woke me up from a great dream. I was at the beach just before sunset eating ice cream. I had a waffle bowl with this new flavor - every bite you took was a different girl scout cookie flavor. It was amazing! I need to patent that... anyway, on with it.

I look down at my phone to see that it's my realtor friend asking how I was doing today, if I wanted to meet to talk budget and if I'd gotten pre-approved yet.

You see, I mentioned in a casual conversation yesterday that I might be ready to consider buying sometime within the next 5 years... I didn't say I'd be ready in 24 hours! Sheesh. Well I'll just respond and re-iterate what I said yeseterday. Hopefully she'll get the memo this time.

12pm - 
Hey Diary - 
It seems my realtor friend didn't quite get the hint. I told her I wasn't even remotely ready to be pre-approved yet and she responded telling me that I should reach out to her once I had a chance to connect with my lender. She said she'd be available anytime this week. I don't think I'm being passive aggressive with my situation here and I feel like I'm communicating well - she just doesn't seem to be getting it! Well - I guess I'll just respond again and ask her to buzz off for now. Hopefully that'll give me some peace and quiet for a while.


5pm - 
So Dairy get this -
Now she called and left a voicemail asking to talk details about what I'm looking for in a property. I've already told her twice today that I'm nowhere near ready but she keeps pushing the issue. At this point, when I am ready, I'm going to choose someone else to be my agent. I can't handle the constant texts and phone calls. 

11pm - 
Whaddup Diary - 
So I'm about 3 seconds away from blocking my realtor friend's number. I understand persistence but this is just ridiculous. If I tell you I'm not ready, please listen and stop calling, texting and emailing me over and over again. Instead of impressing me with your knowledge, you just turned me off with your pushy attitude. I guess I have to play a bad friend and tell her that. Hopefully it'll be a lesson learned and she won't make the same mistake with other future clients. 

Moral of the story: practice considerate follow-up. Bugging people won't get you more deals.


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