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How to Nurture Real Estate Leads While On Summer Vacation

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Jul 3, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Chances are you’ll be stepping out of your office this summer for some well deserved R&R. While it’s important to take a break from work, you don’t want to come back feeling more stressed. Realtors and other sales based careers may feel pressure to stay in contact with leads while on vacation. Luckily, there are ways to keep your lead base hot while still disconnecting from work. Implementing the tactics below will assure your lead base stays as hot as you left them. 

How to Nurture Real Estate Leads While On Summer Vacation

Keep Your Real Estate Leads Hot This Summer with these Nurturing Tips:

Have a Personable Out of Office

Let your leads know where you’ll be going on vacation. Don’t be afraid of letting them know you can’t pick up the phone because you’re too busy river rafting down the Grand Canyon or because you're enjoying margaritas in Cabo San Lucas. Having a creative and personable OOO (Out of Office) email reply and voicemail will increase a lead's chance of remembering who you are. Real estate is a people business after all and leads will ultimately choose you, because they like you!

Have marketing automation in place

Just because your team might be out of the office, doesn’t mean your social media platforms should not be updated on a regular basis. Schedule your social content in advance or have marketing automation software take over your updates.

Provide Content with Extra Value

Chances are home buyers and sellers are busy during the summer months too, with backyard barbeques and beach trips. While buying and selling a home may be time intensive, leads still would like personal time for family and friends. Choosing blog content that is of high value will assure you stand out from the competition. 

Check In

Be sure to check in with your lead base once you return from vacation. Schedule a call or email to remind leads that you do exist. Ask them questions in the email subject line such as, “How is summer going?” or “Still searching for a home?”

Zurple Reminders feature allows you to set future tasks for yourself, so that you can manage leads in a more efficient, personalized way. To learn more how to better manage your leads:

Learn More About  Zurple's Reminders Feature

Have a To Do Checklist in Place for When You Return

If you constantly find yourself worried about a heavy workload when you return from vacation, then this one is for you. Before you leave for your vacation, make a list of things you need to do when you return. This way you don’t forget to call that prospective listing or attend that upcoming open house. You’ll also feel less stressed while on vacation knowing you won’t forget your list of projects. 

Automate Your Follow Up

There’s no way your real estate team can follow up with every single internet lead in a timely manner (while in or out of the office). Agents that are successfully generating and converting online leads have a system in place to nurture new online leads. After a lead leaves their contact information on your website or listing portal, they’ll expect instant followup. 

Zurple is the Real Estate industry’s only lead followup software that doesn’t drip. We don’t send generic email templates, our data-enriched software starts conversations. Zurple software tracks each lead’s online home search history. This allows Zurple to send personalized email and text message that reference specific properties and neighborhoods  leads viewed online. Best of all, Zurple sends each online leads email and text messages within the first five minutes of their inquiry. In other words, each time a lead leaves their name and contact information, Zurple will instantly follow up via email and text.

Check to see if Zurple is available in your target markets: 

See if Zurple  Services Your Markets

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