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Managing Real Estate Client Stress is Good for Business

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Dec 16, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Today, Debb Janes shares her thoughts on how to help your real estate client manage their emotions and stress levels throughout a real estate transaction. An anxious client is a difficult client - so do yourself (and your client) a favor and read this article!

Here's Debb:


Waiting and wondering creates stress - you can help alleviate it.

Most of us have traveled enough to have experienced the dreaded airline delay. We rush to the airport, rush through security and rush to the gate - only to see crowds of people waiting for the plane.

An easy (and smart!) way for airlines to manage flyer frustration at this point is to share information. An announcement stating what's going on.

"There is a mechanical problem and our team is working to make sure the aircraft is safe." 

If they simply tell us what's going on, we can process the information. After all, no one wants to fly on an unsafe jet just to get someplace on time.

Continuous updates go a long way towards easing the tension. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are trying to find an alternate aircraft and hope to leave the gate in about 45 minutes." Got it, 45 minutes. I can handle that.

Information is really powerful

Most people know very little about real estate. Your clients often don't know (or don't understand) why it can take so long for someone to respond to an offer or a request for inspection repairs. Just like in the airline example - it helps tremendously to educate your clients.

This starts with setting proper expectations prior to the transaction, but should also continue and occur frequently throughout the process to ensure that your clients feel like they're "in the loop."  

As an example, one of my young buyers prefers texting as his go-to method of communication. To accomodate him, I sent him frequent texts while we waited for a response from a seller regarding repairs. Once I got confirmation that the seller agreed to the requests, I immediately sent him a quick text.

He called me last night to tell me how much he appreciated the dialog - in his words, " I would have been a nervous wreck,  we really want this house so much." 


Staying in touch is a reminder that you care

One of my listing clients recently moved away from our area. Since she's no longer close by, I offered to help her out by managing some of the final tasks she isn't here to do. For example, I set out the trash cans and the recycle bins for final pick-up, put up the for-sale sign and installed the lock box. These are all simple things, but helping out my seller leaves a lasting impact.

After I finished up at her house, I called and left a brief voice mail message so she knows everything is taken care of. I also sent her an email with links to her listing on the MLS and to her single property website. Moving forward, I'll be sending her showing reports and marketing updates at least once a week along with a phone call to to let her know I've checked the house and all is well. 


It doesn't have to end when you hand over the keys

One of my buyers just moved in to her new home. I called her last night to see how the move went and to set up a time to drop by for a quick visit. I'm going to stop by to deliver a house-warming gift and gift card and she will be hearing from me in the coming months too.  Not to be pestered for referrals though, just to check in, see how things are going and to share anything of value that I have to offer. 

Communication is critical in all of our relationships, personal and professional. It costs very little to remind someone that you care, and when you share information, it can help them relax. Knowledge is power - share yours frequently, it will help people have a more enjoyable (stress-managed) transaction with you. 


Debb Janes is an EcoBroker in Washington who combines her love of nature, people and the planet with her job as a Realtor®. Debb prides herself on helping her clients live in more beautiful, comfortable, healthy enviroments that are also budget friendly. To learn more about Debb, visit her website at www.exploringclarkcounty.com

What are some of your biggest real estate lessons? Tell us in the comments!

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