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5 MLS Listing Photos You Must Include

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Jul 31, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Are you making the most of your MLS listing photos?

I've recently been looking at homes for sale and am sad to report that many of the MLS listings are severely lacking when it comes to quality photos. Most of the listings aren't as bad as some of the photo fails we shared a while back - but agents often neglect to focus on the most important areas of their listing, provide only one photo or provide dark, out of focus or warped images.

But the question is, if you are to provide the best possible photos to intrigue buyers without giving away the farm, which photos should you consistently include on the MLS? 

Trulia did a survey to find out what the most important listing photos are. Surprisingly, men and women both agreed that the following five photos are the most critical when it comes to deciding whether or not a property is worth taking a look at. 

Here are the Top 5 MLS Listing Photos You Must Include:

  1. Bathrooms


  2. Closets:

  3. Kitchens:

  4. Outdoor living spaces:

  5. Unique add-ons like hot tubs, special appliances or built-in surround sound:


MLS Listing Photo Advice from Agents (from ActiveRain forums):

  • "The number one way to turn off web-surfing and mobile buyers is featuring one or no listing photo." 

  • "Serious buyers need photos to develop a bond with a property and evaluate whether or not they could see themselves living there." 

  • "When shooting outside, make sure the sun is behind you. The light will act as your own natural 'studio light' brightening up the property." 

  • "When it comes to listing photos, clutter can be a seller's worst enemy." 

  • "If you and your sellers really want to pique the interest of buyers with staging, focus on simplifying the space."

  • “Take at least one photo from each room that would be considered an asset to a home. This means, leave out that tiny ½ bathroom, and instead focus on the largest bathroom.” 

  • "... if you give them too many photos - they'll often find a reason NOT to come and view the home."

  • "...take photos that capture the essence of a room, but leave subtle hints about adjoining rooms." 

  • "Take better pictures, and less of them. Leave out elements, in order to generate curiosity. Use angles to highlight three dimensional aspects. Leave out cluttered areas or tiny rooms." 

Use this knowledge and tips from your peers to optimize your real estate listings!

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