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Real Estate Branding in 5 Simple Steps

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Jun 24, 2014 4:10:00 PM

A great brand does two important things:

  1. Helps potential clients identify you
  2. Allows you to stand out from your competition

Real estate branding is not something you’re trained on when you study to become an agent – but it should be. Effective personal branding is critical to being successful in today’s competitive marketplace.

This 5 step personal branding exercise will walk you through the process of developing an effective brand.

  1. Research

    Check out local competition and identify what other agents and brokerages are doing that you like or don’t like. Evaluating what’s already out there will help you determine where to start in building your real estate branding. 

  2. Brainstorm

    iStock_000037428500SmallNow that you know what you’re up against, it’s time to dive into a brainstorming session to come up with words, phrases and ideas that describe your ideal business identity.

    Get a whiteboard, post-it notes or blank piece of paper and give yourself a time limit (say, 5 minutes) to come up with as many ideas as you can.

  3. Slogan / Tagline

    Take your brainstorming list and circle or highlight your favorites. You’re going to incorporate those ideas into your business slogan or tagline. Your slogan will serve as the mission statement of your brand so we’re going to go into a bit more detail on this one.

    Your tagline should accomplish two key things:
    1. It should tell your prospects what makes you the best agent
    2. It should serve as a key differentiator between you and other agents in your area

    Things to keep in mind while crafting your slogan:

    • Be original
      Don’t borrow a competitors slogan – come up with your own identity. Remember - one of the main objectives of real estate branding is to help you stand out from your competition – not to blend in to the crowd.
    • Focus on potential client’s wants and needs
      Don’t make the slogan about you – make it about what you will provide for your clients.
    • Keep it short and sweet
      The most memorable slogans are concise. “Breakfast of Champions” is a great example. In just three words, Wheaties created a brand identity that is impactful, memorable and globally recognizable. For the highest impact - try to keep your slogan at 5 words or less.

      Want more tips? This article from Realtor Mag is a great resource.

  4. Design

    iStock_000000153215SmallThink about what colors you want to represent your brand and what type of style you like (modern, formal, etc.) Want help choosing colors that go well together? There are lots of free color scheme tools online. After you’ve determined your colors and style – it’s time to put it all together. If you don’t have a background in graphic design, use an outside resource to help create your brand visuals. Designcrowd.com is a great option – dozens of designers submit designs and you get to provide feedback, rank submissions and ultimately choose your favorite.

  5. Distribution

    Once you’ve established solid real estate branding - the next step is to implement your brand into all of your marketing channels to establish brand consistency. 

    Make sure your website, business cards, email templates, newsletters, social profiles, sign riders and any other marketing materials you have that are accessible to the public appropriately represent your new brand!

Do yourself a favor - commit to completing this exercise. 
Developing a personal brand that really works for you and your business will continue to pay off for years to come.  

Ready to get started?
We put together a free real estate branding worksheet to help you complete the exercise above.
Get your copy today!

Download Your Brand Strategy Planner

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