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Social Media Marketing Musts for Real Estate Agents

Posted by Rachel Garris

Feb 11, 2019 8:14:54 AM

shutterstock_134112389 Knocking door to door not working out like you expected? Today's real estate market is competitive, and your leads are no longer waiting at home for you to knock on their door - they're online! Your marketing strategies need to update to target where your leads are. Thankfully, most of those online leads are all in one place - social media. They may across a variety of networks, but your leads are active, doing their research online, and prime for the picking as they spend time on sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 


Social media can be intimidating at first - but it's a necessary transition if you want to keep your business competitive and win those online leads.


Here’s 4 Social Media Musts for Real Estate Agents:


  1. Post Photos and Videos

Statistics show that visual content performs better and is more appealing to people who visit your social media. Sharing articles from your own blog or others is great, but mixing that with video and photo content can help your online engagement.Consider posting photos of your team, photos of the houses you've listed recently, or maybe photos of you and current happy clients (along with their testimonial for an added touch.) Video content may be more challenging, but putting time and effort into quality visual content gives your followers what they want to see.

  1. Keep a Posting Schedule

Consistency is key! We know you have a busy schedule, but a consistent posting schedule should become the standard on your social media networks. Your followers will grow to expect content at a certain time, and it's much easier for them to engage with what you post if it's posted at times they're already online. 

Look up best practices with posting times - posting while your leads are online the most shows that you are social media savvy, and you can test out different times of day as you post to see what brings in the most interaction from your followers.


  1. Engage with Comments

Once you've started posting consistent and engaging content, you can expect more interaction on your posts! Use this to your advantage - replying to comments feels personal, and can build a trusted reputation for your personal or team brand. A word of caution, don't engage with negative comments. It's best to address this with the person in private, not on a public forum of comments. 

Simple replies, or even 'liking' comments shows that you care, that you're involved, and makes your potential clients feel important.


4. Be a Resource

Talking about your business can feel like the same old sales pitch to online leads. They do most of their research online, and chances are, they are getting a lot of the same type of sales pitch. Stand out from competitors by being an information leader to your potential leads. 


Social media is only going to become more crucial to your online business as a real estate agent. It's a powerful tool - and an equally powerful deterrent to potential leads if you aren't using it correctly. Use social media like a pro by posting engaging visual content, keeping a reliable posting schedule, responding appropriately to comments, and positioning yourself as an information leader - you know where your leads are spending their time, so take advantage of that with your marketing strategy.

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