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The 5 Most Influential Female Brokers in Real Estate

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Mar 8, 2017 8:00:00 AM

When the National Association of Realtors was formed in 1908, the membership was 100% male. Today, 62% of all Realtors are women. Wow! That is something fantastic growth. However, out of the Swanepoel Top 200 Most Powerful People in Residential Real Estate 2017, only 45 of the 200 slots belong to women. We’ve listed some of our favorites brokers from 2017 with a pairing quote to keep you motivated through your workday.


Here are some of the most influential female brokers in Real Estate:

Helen Hanna Casey:

The President of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, Helen rankedHelen_Hannah_Casey_Powerful_Women_in_Real_estate.png as the most powerful woman in the residential Real Estate industry in 2015. On her advice to other women entrepreneurs in NAWRB, she says, 

“Don’t think of yourself as a woman entrepreneur, think of yourself as an entrepreneur. Take advantage of the opportunities for women, but don’t limit yourself by believing that is all you are.” 

Dorthy Herman

Dorthy Herman, better known as Dottie, is the President & CEO of brokerage firm Douglas Dorthy_Herman_Powerful_Women_Real_Estate.jpgElliman Real Estate LLC. Dottie has a rags to riches story. According to Forbes, Douglas Elliman has over 6,000 agents in 85 offices across the U.S. You can checkout her radio show here. One of our favorite quotes from Dottie was featured in a Forbes article

“You can either be a victim, or you can take a day or two, cry, and get back in the game.” 

Sue Yannaccone

CEO of the Realogy brand ERA Franchise Systems, Sue Yannaccone, is responsible for Sue.jpg36,000 agents and 2,300 offices in 31 companies, according to her Swanepoel profile. Our favorite quote from Sue comes from an article in Realtrends:

“When I saw my career take off- I realized I needed a team in my outside life as much as in my work life.”

Lynn Hsu:

President and CEO of MacDonald Realty, Lynn Hsu started her Real Estate career despiteLysn_Woo.jpg raising a family and being a new immigrant, according to MacDonland Realty. Our favorite quote from Lynn:

“To succeed in business, one must put in time. Women traditionally have had less time to devote to career development, and this pattern holds true today...If you begin to believe that it is impossible to move forward, you will stop looking for solutions to the hardships you face.”

Sherry Chris:

According to her Swanepoel profile, Sherry Chris built the Better Homes & Gardens Real Sherry_Chris_Influential_Powerful_Women_Real_Estate.pngEstate brand from the ground up. She is also a vice-chair for Rebuilding Together, a non-profit dedicated to helping low-income homeowners make repairs. Our favorite quote from Sherry, is from a blog she wrote for Realvolve:

“Throughout my career I have taken many risks, which in retrospect were absolutely necessary to my growth and that of the company, regardless of whether they succeeded or failed, there was an undeniable value in the endeavor.” 

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