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Top 5 Biggest Zillow Premier Agent Benefits

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Feb 12, 2015 12:24:00 PM

It’s no secret that Zurple (a founding Zillow Tech Connect partner) is a huge fan of Zillow’s Premier Agent program – but why are we such big supporters? There are literally dozens of reasons – but for time’s sake lets take a look at five of the biggest agent benefits.


5 Biggest Zillow Premier Agent Benefits

  1. Zillow is By Far the Most Visited Real Estate Site in the US

    Why should you be on Zillow? Because your leads are on Zillow! Simple, right? The real estate giant has been paving the path as the premium real estate home search site for quite some time and has seen huge liftoff. In fact, Zillow’s traffic has tripled in the last three years (see stats here) and their company metrics show an impressive 86 million unique visitors using the site in January of 2014. Neglecting to build a brand presence on a site where your leads are actively looking for you is just bad business.

  2. Zillow Premier Makes it Easy to Execute Hyperlocal Marketing

    There are tons of benefits to focusing your real estate marketing efforts on one specific area, and Zillow makes it easy for you to do just that. Simply research your market and determine 2-3 zip codes to focus on that will allow you to accomplish your 2015 sales goals. Then, consult a Zillow expert to help you decide where to start and begin building your presence as a local real estate expert.

  3. Your Profile is Guaranteed to Make an Impression

    There are no guessing games. With Zillow, you will always know exactly how many impressions you’re going to get every month in the form of ad views. Not many services offer that kind of promise – but Zillow’s network is so large and well established, they can and they do. As an added bonus - working with hard numbers instead of theoretical ones also makes it easier to manage your real estate marketing budget.

    Pro Tip:
    Get as many Zillow Premier Agent reviews from past clients as possible to optimize your lead generation efforts.
  4. Zillow Offers Benefits Other Platforms Don’t

    You won’t find hidden costs, leads sent to multiple agents that force you to race against the clock, or insufficient branding at Zillow. Instead, you’ll enjoy exclusive lead routing, robust personal branding and a completely transparent pricing model.

  5. Convenient Management & Additional Branding Provide Added Value

    Zillow also provides Premier agents with an app that allows you to manage your profile and contacts from your mobile device, a new premarket feature that allows you to advertise coming-soon properties and multiple opportunities to brand yourself on competitor and unlisted properties.

This list is just scratching the surface of what you can achieve as a Zillow Premier agent. With no shortage of benefits and features, it’s a great time to get started. Click here to learn more.

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