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What is in a real estate agent emergency kit?

Posted by Irina Jordan

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Oct 1, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Real Estate Agent Emergency Kit

Being a real estate agent means you never know what surprises each day brings. To be prepared for almost anything, you want to have an emergency kit at the ready. There is a wide variety of opinions on what needs to be in this kit. Having combed through discussion boards and blog posts, here is my suggested inventory for your emergency kit. Keep it in your mobile office – aka your car.

Here are 7 Groups of Items to Keep in Your Real Estate Emergency Kit:

  1. Personal items

    You’re in your car and out on the road a lot. Have an extra set of clothes, dental kit for your pearly whites, anti-bacterial wipes, facial wipes and hair brush as part of your kit. Also an electric shaver for guys and some makeup essentials for ladies. You won’t regret it.
  2. Your electronics and chargers

    You and I know you’re inseparable with your phone and perhaps with your tablet, especially if you have your listing presentation on it. Keep your electronics charged and running. Have an USB charger that you cna use in your car to re-charge electronics if needed.
  3. Bathroom supplies

    Toilet paper is truly democratic – you need it for a fixer upper and for a million dollar listing. Have a few rolls on hand along with paper towels, air freshener and plunger (gulp).
  4. Candy, dog and cat treats

    Cover the wide spectrum of potential clients: from parents to pet owners and have a few treats for anyone and everyone. Dog treats come handy when you’re trying to get into the house in less than a graceful way when the lockbox is missing.
  5. House cleaning supplies

    Have on hand some Windex, trash bags, cleaning wipes, paper towels (as mentioned above), carpet cleaner and even a small vacuum cleaner – depending how prepared you want to be. Throw in a few shoe covers to keep your cleaning efforts visible for longer.
  6. Healthy energy-boosting snacks

    Your calendar is jammed packed with appointments and you’re running on empty. Don’t resort to eating your candy stash saved for your clients’ kids, have a number of healthy snacks like protein bars and nuts on hand to hold you over until a decent meal.
  7. Miracle toolbox

    We’re talking light bulbs, tools (screwdrivers, nails, pliers, electrical tape, etc.), W40, batteries, measuring tape, zip ties and a calculator. You don’t want to run to a store for any malfunctions that can be easily fixed. Efficiency rules!

Here is my all-time-favorite list posted online by one of real estate agents as her emergency kit:

1 gallon of water
Rubber Boots
Raid Bug Spray
Antibacterial Wipes
Hand Soap
Pepper Spray

What do you have in your emergency kit? Share in the comments below.

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