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Why 2019's Real Estate Trends DON'T Matter

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Dec 27, 2018 7:30:00 AM

What are real estate agents very likely to read about during the transition of the old year to the new year? TRENDS! Let me give you a secret: marketers will write non-stop about real estate trends, because we know that you will read them. Let’s share why trends don’t matter, shall we?

Why 2019's Real Estate Trends DON'T Matter

It is still very important to read about trends into the new year. We would argue that in the bigger picture, they don’t matter too much. Sure, with the advancement of technology the shiny new toys and pieces of info will assist with your business. Underneath that though, real estate will be the same business it always was before the fax machine and cell phone.

This is What Is More Important Than New Real Estate Trends:

Networking Skills

If there was a mass exodus from a popular social media platform such as Facebook, how would you continue to target leads? Or what if the government imposes sanctions on Google because they find their search results algorithm is unfair, causing the platform to be unreliable? Where do you get your leads? This would not be an issue if you have good networking skills. You would be able to utilize your relationships to build new warm business! This would be unaffected by the rise and fall of digital empires.

Cold Calling Skills

You will inevitably be reaching out to real estate prospects to offer your services. If you move to a new area, or your customer database suddenly disappears you can rely on cold calling skills to create yourself new business. It is not a favorite chore for most agents, but effective cold calling can perfectly compliment your networking skills because it will create new opportunities outside of your immediate network.


Wether it be by fax machine or text message, leads have always appreciated a responsive agent. Being able to follow up in a timely manner is a necessary skill that can make or break a deal.

Knowledge of Market

There is no need to elaborate on this point. You should always have knowledge of the market that you are working in. Know the community, know the neighborhood, know how the market fluctuates.


In the same vein as responsiveness, having good communication skills is essential to success in the new year and beyond. This includes how you communicate to clients. Can you say “no” to them without losing them? It also includes keeping in touch with past clients. If the internet did not exist, how would you continue to obtain new and repeat business?


None of the above skills will mean anything if you are not consistent. Regardless of the industry, consistency is the key to success. If you stop, your competition can quickly overtake you.

At the end of the day, you will have a list of leads and how you work them is what will result in your success. The market becoming a sellers market or a buyers market should not matter much if you future-proof your business with a solid foundation.

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