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Why Some People Don't Trust Real Estate Agents

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Feb 10, 2015 7:00:00 AM

In today's Agent Insights post, Debi La Rosa - a mortgage professional in Phoenix, Arizona - talks about what makes a real estate agent seem untrustworthy. Steer clear of these bad agent behaviors to maintain a positive, trustworthy reputation.

Here's Debi:

Debi_La_RosaI recently read an article, written by another real estate agent, about why some real estate agents have a stellar reputation and why some cannot be trusted. The article applied to both how other real estate agents and the general public perceives an agent's trustworthiness. 

I wanted to share with several of the possible reasons why some agents develop a bad reputation:

Writing Not-So-Accurate Home Descriptions:

A new home hits the MLS and the description claims that the property is move-in ready - but when the client and real estate agent walk into the home, they find quite the opposite. There is a hole in the wall in one of the bedrooms, stained carpeting and water spots on the ceiling. In this case, not only are the client’s expectations not met, showing the home without previewing it first and trusting the description reflects poorly on the agent. 

Coaching the Seller to Stretch the Truth on Property Condition Disclosures:

If a client reads the property condition disclosure and decides to buy the home - then later finds out it wasn't honest or accurate, that's a quick way to lose trust. For example, let's say upon receiving the home inspection, the buyer finds out the home's roof had been damaged by hail and to fix the problem, the seller nailed the shingles back in place, leaving holes in the rafters. We all know the seller is the one completing the disclosure, but the buyer’s agent ultimately discovers that the listing agent coached the seller on how to answer some of the questions. Honesty is always the best policy. 

Not Communicating in a Timely Manner:

There are agents who don’t return their phone calls, don’t present offers in a timely manner and their voice message says they only return calls at certain times of the day. When news comes through on a pending deal, the agent may even wait days to pass it along to buyers or sellers. Manage client stress and provide steller customer service by making communication a major focus. 

“Buying” a Listing:

Some agents will list a home at a higher price than the market dictates just because the seller wants them to, hoping that there will be no showings and that the agent will eventually be able to convince the seller to lower the price. But when that doesn't work, the listing can sit on the market for months, losing showings and potential buyers because it's not priced appropriately. Again, honesty is critical when it comes to pricing. Sellers hire you for your expertise - make sure you use it! 

Follow these rules of thumb to keep a good, honest reputation. Your collegues and clients will thank you for it!

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