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Zurple Product Update: Polygon Maps

Posted by Kenneth Palmer

May 23, 2017 6:15:00 AM

zurplepolygonmapsrealestateleads.jpegAs many agents are aware, today’s real estate leads are self-educating online more than they have in the past. While it is important to be found online and in social media, you also want to give your leads self-empowering tools. In order to deliver a lead centric experience, Zurple developed polygon maps to give real estate leads a more user friendly interface. We’ll explore how giving your leads the ability to literally draw in their home searches is not only beneficial to them, but also you as their agent.

So, let’s first explore how this new tool will help your leads. Once a lead is registered in your system, they will be able to draw in their custom search on a map. This will help narrow down the geographical area but also assist in your leads finding their ideal home where they want to live. This will also empower your lead with having total control over the home search process. In turn, your leads will have a sense of personal ownership over the process. After all, everyone likes to feel in control over major purchasing decisions.


Not only will your real estate leads benefit, but so will you as their agent. When your leads are able to research different homes on their own, it eliminates work for the agent. Because your leads have the ability to save their custom searches, you will also have the ability to automatically send them property updates in the areas that they have saved. Polygon maps will also keep your brand leading with state-of-the-art online technology resources for your real estate leads.

People will always want to feel in control, especially during major purchase decisions. Polygon maps allow leads to feel empowered by giving them a customizable search without any pressure. Once those searches are saved by the lead, you as the agent will be able to send them more personalized  messaging to increase the likelihood of closing. 

To find out how Zurple’s polygon maps can help you close more while prospecting less, take a few moments to speak with a team member.

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