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12 Strange Things Real Estate Agents Do

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Apr 5, 2017 7:30:00 AM

Real Estate agents are their own niche group of people. Your friends and family may make jokes about your interests or habits, but, you know other agents are guilty of your same abnormal behaviors. You’re not alone! We’ve listed out these twelve things agents do that are not normal according to conventional standards.

Here are 12 strange things Real Estate agents do

  1. You trespass quite frequently

    When the listing agents forgets to leave the keys in the lockbox, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and hop a fence. 

  2. You're often bringing your own furniture into other people's homes

    The entire home preparation process can take around two weeks or more. You do whatever it takes to take your client’s home to the next level, even if that means borrowing your own furniture. There’s nothing wrong with sprucing things up with your own belongings! 

  3. You're really concerned with what your client's pets and children are up to

    Home buyers are aware of the damage children and pets can do to a home’s interior. You know to remove of their belongings, scent, and presence before open houses. That means Fido and Susy better have after school plans!

  4. You're overly interested in your client's neighbors

    We’ve all heard those horror stories of neighbors that decide to throw a house party or tan in the nude conveniently during your scheduled open house. You’ve learned to talk with neighbors before holding an open house.

  5. People often ask how long you've lived in this town

    From the sounds of who and what you know in your neighborhood, people might think you’ve been living in this town for 100 years. Real Estate is all about connections and you know a lot about local businesses, people, and non-profits. 

  6. You don't believe normal people should have access to Check Your Zestimate

    Zillow told you you’re home was worth how much!? Clients are beginning to have unrealistic expectations as to how much their home is worth because of Check Your Zestimate and Trulia Estimate. More clients need to trust agent’s comparative market analysis. Agents have years of experience and can account for abnormalities such as a nearby foreclosure.

  7. You're overly sensitive to the smell of other people's homes

    Some sellers just don’t understand that in order to get the most out of the sales, their house needs to smell inviting. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a sensitive client whose house smells like pets, children, food, or other mysterious odors.

  8. You like to bake in other people's homes

    Referring to our previous point in number seven, the smell of a home has a lot of affect on it’s sale. You often put in place in a batch of cookies before showing the listing.

  9. You're a social media guru

    You’re just as interested in the latest social media craze, as much as any marketing professional or millennial. 

  10. You've considered becoming a licensed MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist)

    There’s no better feeling than when a husband and wife agree on the value of a home.

  11. You're on the phone during strange hours

    The home buying and selling process can be stressful. Clients often need answers to last minute questions and don’t know a boundary of 9 am to 5 pm.

  12. Sometimes you just need closure

    As an agent you know there’s no better feeling than a successfully closing a sale or purchase. It’s like how a college student feels at the end of finals or how how a tax preparer feels at the end of tax season.
As an agent, you know that all these strange habits pay off. Finding a first time homebuyer their dream home or helping a seller with a previously unsellable home off the market is rewarding.

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