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3 Marketing Truths All Real Estate Pros Need to Know

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Jun 28, 2015 11:00:00 AM

photodune-330665-young-couple-on-laptop-computer-sIt's time to get personal.

I often hear from real estate professionals that they are frustrated with their marketing. The most common complaint is that their marketing strategy is time consuming but it doesn't deliver the results needed to effectively grow their business.The big question is - what's the underlying issue? Why do real estate pros struggle to incorporate marketing that consistently works? Let's take a look at some real estate marketing truths: 

3 real estate marketing truths every real estate pro should know:

  1. Generic follow-up does not work:

    It never has worked very well, and it never will - especially in today's hyper-personal technology driven consumer market. The fact is, agents who depend on drip marketing systems that send generic, one-size-fits-all messages will always be frustrated with the results. Why? Because drip email systems are not built to effectively engage leads, they are simply built to provide ongoing messages that make sure leads don't forget about you. But sending consistent, ambiguous and sometimes completely irrelevant messages is not the secret to success. You don't like receiving them and your leads don't either.

  2. Timely, relevant, personalized follow-up does work:

    In order to effectively engage leads, you must provide timely, relevant, personalized follow-up that caters to your potential client's specific situation, wants and needs. Doing so will not only make you look like like a rock star agent or broker who really has their stuff together, it will also add value to your service and will help you build relationships with your leads. Well thought out messages that include helpful resources, information and advice will always outperform generic messaging. To make messages more engaging, be sure to also include open ended questions about your leads wants, needs and priorities to move the conversation forward. 

    Pro Tip: 
    Use our customizable, reply-optimized email templates to test the effectiveness of personal follow-up.

  3. Dedicating time to personal follow-up pays off big:

    Anyone can pay for leads, but it takes a dedicated real estate pro to implement an effective follow-up strategy that really works. Quite frankly, not many agents and brokers are willing to put in the time that is required to make it work. Though it hurts conversion rates, not wanting to monitor your leads actions and craft detailed messages is understandable, because real estate keeps you super busy as it is. 

    But stats don't lie, and in-depth research done here at Zurple has proven that a). relevant messages are 2-3X more effective than drip campaigns and b). 40% of your leads will convert on nurturing messages. That means if you're only sending one message and dropping a lead if they don't reply, you're throwing away a ton of commission potential. The time commitment is challenging, but the payoff is huge.

The bottom line is, if you focus on incorporating personalized, timely, relevant follow-up into your business on a regular basis, you will see consistent results.

Overwhelmed by the time commitment? Let us help:

Our lead nurturing software sends automated, reply-optimized follow-up for as long as it takes leads to convert - allowing you to focus on your clients without sacrificing superior service and fast follow-up.
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