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5 Spooktacular Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Halloween

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Oct 29, 2014 8:00:00 AM

What’s the one holiday weekend a year you’re guaranteed to have leads literally lining up at your front door?


Halloween Marketing Ideas

Get into the spirit of the season and use these 5 holiday-themed tips to boost new business:

  1. Check your inventory & pre-fill flyer boxes

    Make sure all your sign riders have plenty of brochures at all of your currently for sale properties. You can even add a spooky balloon or decoration to your signs or set up a bowl of treats and a "take one" sign nearby your signs to entice more people to come take a look (and hopefully, a flyer!). Make sure you have a call to action on your flyers - call for a free consultation, search thousands of homes at my website - you want to make sure your marketing collateral prompts action!

  1. Hand out business cards with your Halloween candy

Simple and effective! Prep small bags of candy and attach your business card with a paperclip or staple. Parents will find your card as they rummage through the loot after trick-or-treating (and sneak out one or two of their favorites). Make sure you get good candy too – none of that weird taffy stuff. Your taste in sweets will be a reflection of your business!

  1. Scout for the best neighborhood

    If you focus in a neighborhood other than the one you live in, hang out at a friend or family member's place for the evening and take on candy distribution duties. Implement advice from step 2 for best results.

  2. Attend community events and wear a name tag

    Most communities will have trunk or treat events or workplace trick or treating opportunities for kids that aren't quite old enough to hang with the big kids on Halloween night. These can be especially advantageous because trunk or treaters are often young enough that mom or dad will be carrying the little ones - giving you an opportunity to introduce yourself. Don't forget to share a business card and ask for referrals!

  3. Take advantage of nosy neighbors

Hand out a recently sold or open house flyer to parents so they can see what homes are selling for in the area. Better yet, create a special flyer that offers a free home evaluation to help drum up new seller leads. You will likely spark some interest for people who aren't ready to sell today, but who are interested to know what their home is currently worth. Online calculators give you a ballpark idea, but nothing beats an in-person evaluation from a real estate expert - especially a free one!

Pro Tip:
Have a vacant property for sale? Set up an open house on Hallow's Eve! Provide spooky snacks for the kids and give parents a reason to pop in for a quick look! 

Above all - have a fun and safe Halloween!

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