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50 Real Estate Pinterest Ideas that Attract Buyer and Seller Leads

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Apr 9, 2017 7:00:00 AM

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Do you have a Pinterest account, but don’t know how to use it? Anytime you write a Real Estate blog, be sure to create a corresponding pin on Pinterest. A “pin” is an image on Pinterest, that usually has a link to a blog or article on another site. Pinterest users can create their own pins or repin other Pinterest users pins. Creating pins geared towards home buyers and sellers in your local area is a great way to attract leads to your Real Estate blog. Use the list of pin ideas below to create your own blog and matching pin.

Use this list of 50 Real Estate Pinterest ideas to start quickly accumulating pins and website traffic.

Buyer Ideas

  1. Best Dog Parks in (Insert Target Market)
  2. (Insert Target Market) School Reports
  3. Best Hiking & Biking Trails in (Insert Target Market)
  4. (Insert Target Market) Real Estate Market Report 
    Things to do in (Insert Target Market)
    Best Restaurants & Eateries in (Insert Target Market)
  5. Local Sports Teams in  (Insert Target Market)
    Farmer's Market Report for (Insert Target Market)
  6. Best Local Wineries & Breweries in (Insert Target Market)
  7. Best Buyers Agents in (Insert Target Market)
  8. Area Attractions in (Insert Target Market)(Ex: state fairs, amusement parks, zoos, beaches)
  9. Best Daycares in (Insert Target Market)
  10. Best Golf Courses in (Insert Target Market)
  11. How to Choose a Realtor
  12. Home Remodeling
  13. Choosing a Mortgage Loan
  14. Dream Home Ideas
  15. Home Buying Checklists
  16. Things to Know When Buying a Historic Home
  17. How to Save for a Vacation Home
  18. How to Buy a Bank Owned Home
  19. Monthly Mortgage Breakdown Calculator
  20. Buying a Home with a Low Credit Score
  21. Hidden Costs to Buying a Home
  22. Preparing for an Open House
  23. Buying a Home While Getting Married
  24. Money Saving Tips for First Time Home Buyers
  25. Things Home Inspectors Overlook

Seller Ideas

  1. Best Listing Agents in (Insert Target Market)
  2. Best Brokerage in (Insert Target Market)
  3. Local Service Providers (plumbers, home inspectors, cleaners, contractors, etc.)
  4. Report for (Insert Target Market)
  5. Repairs that Increase a Home’s Value
  6. Local Title Companies
  7. Lenders without Mortgage Overlays 
  8. Common Mistakes Sellers Make
  9. Home staging tips
  10. Real Estate Vocabulary Checklist
  11. Home Inspection Repairs/Preparing for a Home Inspection
  12. Selling a Home with Kids
  13. How to Sell A Home with Pets
  14. Garage Sale/Estate Sale Ideas
  15. Home Disclosures Checklists (roof leaks, lead-based paint, water damage, recent murder, mold, etc.)
  16. Selling a Home While Getting a Divorce
  17. How to Fight a Low Home Appraisal
  18. Tips for Selling Your Home in the (Winter/Fall/Spring/Summer)
  19. Pros and Cons to Selling a Home “As Is”
  20. Selling Your Home & Retiring
  21. Steps to the Escrow Process
  22. Best Paint Colors for Selling Your Home
  23. How to Sell Your Home on Your Own
  24. Foreclosure vs Short Sale, What's Best for You
  25. How to Short Sale Your Home

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