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6 Creative (& Useful!) Closing Gift Ideas

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Jul 26, 2014 11:00:00 AM

closing gift ideasClosing gifts are a nice way to thank your clients for their business. But how do you come up with something that will really wow them and, in turn, help you drive referrals and repeat business? We did some research and came up with some excellent closing gift ideas to share with you.

Fun Gift Ideas:

  1. Night on the Town
    Anyone who has ever been through the stress of buying a new home knows it’s good to let off steam once the dust finally settles. Create a gift basket that delivers a fun, relaxing date from top to bottom! Start with a treatment at a nearby salon or spa, follow that with a gift card for a nice restaurant in your buyer’s new neighborhood and lastly, toss in tickets for a local music venue or nearby attraction. Your buyers will be wowed by your generosity and will love their “no planning necessary” night on the town.

  2. Cake
    Yes, cake. Now, I’m not suggesting you grab a generic sheet-cake from the nearest grocery store. Instead, make it creative! Visit a local custom cake shop and let the cake builders imagine and create a beautiful custom cake for your clients. You’re sure to put a smile on their faces as they enjoy a sweet celebration in their new home.

  3. Local Goodies
    This is especially good for buyers who are relocating to a new city. Make a gift basket composed of items your area is known for. Be sure to include local attraction guides, coupon books, sports memorabilia, and maybe a gift card or two to local restaurants or coffee shops. Your clients will be grateful for the guidance as they start to explore their new city!


Practical Gift Ideas:

  1. Warehouse Membership (Costco or Sam’s Club)
    This is a great gift for families. Warehouse stores offer big-time savings on food, household goods, personal care items and sometimes - even gas! A household membership that’s valid for a year or two will add up to big-time savings for your buyers. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

  2. Re-Key Service
    One of the first things I do when I move into a new place is re-key the doors. Hire a locksmith to come out and install new locks. The added security of knowing no one else has the keys to their new home will give your clients something money can’t buy – peace of mind.

  3. Warranty / Insurance
    If you’re selling an older property, consider offering house insurance as your closing gift. If it’s a newer property and your buyers are putting in new appliances, offer to cover the cost of appliance insurance. Once again, peace of mind is priceless -  especially for first-time homebuyers.


For the ultimate gift, provide a fun/useful combo by stocking the fridge at your buyer’s new house prior to move-in day with snacks and beverages. Want to really knock their socks off? Add a mid-day pizza delivery! The less your clients need to worry about on moving day – the better.

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