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Best Zillow Premier Zip Code Strategy: Staying Hyperlocal or Casting a Wide Net?

Posted by Irina Jordan

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Feb 26, 2015 8:00:00 AM

ZillowZipCodeStrategyZurpleBlogPostAs a Zillow Premier agent you have a choice between buying into a single zip code and going after a few zip codes at the same time. Which strategy is better? It depends what your business goals are.

Zillow Premier Zip Codes - How it Works:

When you buy a zip code and buyers search for properties in the zip code you own, your information will show up in the listing results sidebar along with the information of two other competing agents. If the buyer is interested in a property, they can select one of the three agents to send a message to. Only the agent who is selected will receive the lead's inquiry and contact information.

Pricing Details:

Each zip code has a unique pricing plan that is based on the number of impressions you purchase. Zip codes with higher home values, a higher number of listings or more sales may cost more.

Choose Your Strategy:

When considering whether you want to implement a hyperlocal strategy focused on one zip code or if you want to cast a wide net and purchase a few zip codes, consider these five factors:

  1. Research First:

    Study your market; consider your current competition and determine the average home value and the demographic you are trying to target with your zip code marketing program.

  2. Consider Your Experience:

    Evaluate your years of experience, current sales and awareness of your brand in the area you want to service. Then, determine your budget and check availability and pricing for zip codes you are interested in.

    If you’re new to the industry:
    If you are just starting out in real estate, you are better off starting with a zip code or zip codes dominated by first-time home buyers that have more affordable price points. Lower price range zip codes produce more leads who convert faster - even if they require a bit more hand holding.

    As you become more experienced:
    As you become established in your market, start branching out into major market zip codes with higher-end properties for higher comissions while still maintaining your presence in your 'starter' zip code or zip codes. Those first-home buyers you have been nurturing will think of you when they are ready to move to a bigger and nicer house and you will want to keep your lead pipeline working for you as you expand into new areas.

  1. Adjust Your Strategy as Your Marketing Budget Allows:

    As you sell more and your marketing budget begins to increase, consider purchasing additional zip codes to increase your brand recognition in a larger geographic area. Increasing your exposure will help keep your name and brand top of mind with your leads.


  2. Optimize Your Profile for Best Results:

    For your Zillow presence to be effective, you need to make an ongoing effort to cultivate your Zillow Premier Agent reviews. A high number of positive reviews (20+) combined with a dominant presence in a specific zip code or zip codes will create brand recognition and will help you capture more new leads.

  3. Keep evolving:

    Don't plan your lifetime marketing strategy in one sitting. Measure your results and be proactive about improving over time. Be sure to evaluate your success and adjust your impressions as needed to focus on areas where you are closing more business.

    Pro Tip:
    If you specialize in catering to a specific lead demographic, purchasing a majority of impressions in the one zip code where your key demographic is most heavily concentrated is the most effective way to become a go-to agent for that lead group. 

At the end, no one else can decide whether it’s best for you to keep a hyperlocal focus or whether you should market in multiple zip codes. Regardless of which strategy you chose, don’t forget to focus on constantly improving and evolving your marketing strategy to support your business goals and consistent growth. Agents who are stagnant will never grow.

What is your approach to the zip code strategy and why?

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