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Convert More Seller Leads During The Hottest Selling Season

Posted by Kenneth Palmer

Apr 25, 2017 5:30:00 AM

facebooksellerleadsforrealestateagents1.jpegAccording to an article published by CNBC, real estate agents today are finding themselves in the strongest sellers market in history. Seasoned real estate agents know very well that sellers now have the ability to get close to or in some cases, above asking price. With so much inventory and so many people willing to sell, it has never been a more critical time to capture and convert seller leads.

So you know the sellers are out there but what is the most efficient way of capturing their information and converting them to clients? With well over 50 million U.S. based active Facebook users, the answer becomes clear. Enticing sellers to give you their information through one of the biggest and most used social media platforms can sometimes be challenging however.

By using optimized tactics, Zurple’s seller lead program is able to target sellers in your zip code while giving them a convenient form to provide their information. From there they will receive automated, behavior-based messages so that you can close more while prospecting less.

Start Generating Seller Leads with Zurple

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