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Converting Real Estate Leads Through Email

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Apr 26, 2018 12:02:38 PM

According to some real estate agents, a lead is not a lead unless there is a phone number attached to it. That is not always going to be the case. Interested in learning how to convert real estate leads through email? Click that "Read More" hyperlink.

Real estate leads that sign up on your website with no phone number are simply not ready to talk yet. That does not mean they are not a "real" lead. In fact, that are no definitive studies that show an online lead with a phone number leads to a higher closing rate. Phone, Email, Text Messages, Social Media, and even the fax machine is just a tool used to communicate. It is how you communicate that will help you be successful.

Here is How You Convert Real Estate Leads through Email:


1. Don't Be Salesy

You know what doesn't work? Proposing to your future spouse through an email. The same works in any sales industry. Just like every text message, phone call, or real life interaction...not every email should be sent with the immediate goal of a signed contract. It will happen, but you'll need to build rapport first. Send emails that sounds like they are coming from you, instead of from a generic drip campaign.

2. Offer Value

Aside from building relationships through rapport, you should also build your value. They should know you are the real estate expert. Share some seller tips or inside knowledge on different neighborhoods. Give them a reason to hire a professional, instead of do it themselves.

3. Be Patient

You can't expect a lead to convert after a single email. It is rare that you will ever get a real estate lead that is ready to work with you in the course of a single email. Treat the email like there is another person on the other side. (because there actually is!) Give the buyer some time to do their research and become comfortable with you before asking for a commitment.

4. Offer Reasons to Redirect Them Elsewhere

Home shoppers will be doing extensive research before speaking with an agent. This is the reason you should always be there to answer their questions. This doesn't mean you should be actively answering, because consumers are now more independent than ever. Send them to your website or Facebook page to continue their research. Your website will contain immediate knowledge of the area and homes for sale. Your Facebook page will regularly post relevant and recent news on the area and real estate market. Let them know this in your emails!

And if email follow up is too timely, what if we told you that Zurple utilizes proprietary software after studying the data of real estate lead behavior to respond to your emails for you in a way that builds relationships with your leads? It's definitely worth investigating if email follow up sounds too time consuming for you.

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