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DOES IT SPARK JOY? Consider Letting These Go in Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Jan 31, 2019 7:30:00 AM

Current trends show a resurgence of organizational methods, such as the popular KonMari method. This encourages parting with items that no longer serve a purpose or provide you with positive emotions. It goes beyond minimalism – it’s a movement towards simplifying your life and focusing on what makes you happy. More importantly, this method can be applied to your real estate business with a few simple steps. Cutting through the clutter can help you focus on the passion and drive that pulled you into the real estate industry in the first place. 

DOES IT SPARK JOY Consider Letting These Go in Your Real Estate Business

When deciding to keep something or let it go, you must ask yourself: Does this spark joy?

Here are 5 Items Real Estate Agents Should Consider Letting Go

Your E-mail Address

Have you looked at your e-mail address lately? A proper professional e-mail address can say a lot about you before a prospect ever contacts you. It may be time to ditch the e-mail you got from AOL in favor of an e-mail address consistent with your branding and website URL.

Your Fax Machine

As Marie Kondo would say, "Hold your fax machine in your arms and thank it for serving its purpose". While traditional print marketing still has a role into today's technological society, owning a fax machine is no longer a necessity as a real estate agent. Donate yours to a thrift store and use the machine in your office or go to a FedEx if you really need one. These days it is easier to use your smart phone to scan documents and send them via e-mail.

Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is a vital aspect of maintaining an online presence for your real estate business. This does not mean you should be on every single social media platform that exists. No one can effectively nurture their audiences on that many accounts. Instead, lose the accounts you don't maintain on Snapchat and Google+, and focus on the platforms that matter (such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.)

Needy Clients

Learning to tactfully say "No" is a much-needed skill for all real estate agents. There are clients that might be worth foregoing the commission to keep your sanity. You've heard the stories, and probably have some yourself. If you are up for a challenge, go for it! If it is too much of a headache, thank them for using your services and recommend another agent.

Lead Generation Channels

If a certain lead generation channel is not providing the quantity of leads you want, it may be best to look into other channels that provide a better return. Maybe you are getting more leads from door knocking than your google ads? It may be wise to drop Google for a little bit to focus on what works for you and your business.

However, each real estate lead generated from each channel has great potential to spark joy in the form of improving your income. Many internet leads will take time to warm up. What if there were a service that could incubate those leads for you, until they are ready to transact? Zurple's intelligent behavior-based software does just that! Let us bring joy into your life!

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