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How to Write Market Reports that Attract Real Estate Leads

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Apr 17, 2017 6:30:00 AM

Market reports are not every agent's favorite activity. However, studies show agents who commit to this data-driven process gain qualified leads. We’ve provided the steps to creating your first market report and what to expect in return for churning reports for your target market on a consistent basis.

Follow these 7 steps to create Real Estate market reports:

  1. Choose Your Topic

    Report on local markets, nationwide reports, most noteworthy listings in your surrounding area, or market reviews & predictions. Which topic you write about will depend on your brokerage's business model and the type of Real Estate leads you want to attract.

  2. Choose a Data Soure

    Reliable sources of Real Estate market data can be found from NAR, CoreLogic, Inman, and RealtyTrac. Most of these sources are free and can be accessed online.

  3. Be Consistent

    Decide whether you’d like your market report to be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Then stick to that routine.

  4. Streamline Your Reporting Process

    Create a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets template to speed up the reporting process. Pivot tables are an easy way to condense data, check out YouTube tutorials or these instructions from Microsoft Office.

  5. Provide Advice

    Become a source of authority online. Leads may not know what to make of a bunch of charts and graphs. Provide sound advice backed by the raw data you’ve gathered.

  6. Make Your Reports Visually Appealing

    It’s alright if your design skills are a little off, you’re a Real Estate agent, not a graphic designer. But, before hiring someone else to design graphics, consider free tools like Canva or tutorials on how to use Adobe Creative Suite from TastyTuts.

  7. Share Your Reports on Social Media

    As a rule of thumb all the content you publish should also be shared on your social media platforms.

What to Expect: 

  • You'll Impress High Quality Leads

    According to Real Estate agents and ActiveRain Ambassadors, Liz and Bill Spear, market reports impress data driven professionals such as accountants, marketers, and engineers. Working with leads that value your knowledge and insights is easier than working with leads that do not.

  • You'll Rank Higher in Google Search Results

    Publishing market reports on a consistent basis will increase your search engine rankings. Although search engine algorithms are continuously changing, all algorithms value content from authoritative sites. Posting Real Estate articles on content heavy material will make your blog more influential.

  • You'll Be a Better Agent

    When you know your markets current trends, you’ll provide better service. A healthy practice is to stay up to date on market reports on a daily or weekly basis.

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