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Leo Gonzalez: Power Agent & Zurple User

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Jun 21, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Uses Consistent Lead Nurturing to Build Long-Term Succcess


Leo has always been fascinated by real estate. He got his license at age 22 and has now been a full-time agent for 9 years. Early on, he enlisted the help of Zurple's automated lead nurturing and conversion software, and its paying off big time.


sales per week
(in 2014)

average home sale price
(in 2014)

$16 Million
annual sales
(in 2014)

“I was looking for a system that not only helps me get new leads, but also helps me convert leads to sales. That's exactly what Zurple does.”

A Career in Real Estate was an Intuitive Decision

Many agents and brokers have a long back story, full of various career endeavors, successes and failures. Leo's story is a bit different. As a boy, his father told him real estate was the best way to build wealth and he took it to heart. His fascination with real estate followed him through his young life and got his license at the age of 22 Today, Leo has been in real estate for over 9 years. 

In those 9 years - Leo has accomplished a lot. He has built a highly successful team that includes several full-time agents, a full time assistant and an inside sales agent. Leo and his team hold weekly meetings to go over successes and pinpoint opportunities for improvement. He consistently sets ambitious goals - for himself and for his team - and they have managed to surpass those goals time and time again. Leo has also received personal accolades - he's been a recipeint of the FIVE STAR real estate award from San Diego Magazine four years in a row (and counting!).

But he doesn't do it alone. Early on, Leo realized the importance of having a lead management and nurturing system in place that works. As a successful Zillow Premier agent, Leo has an average of 140 leads entering his back office every month. It's no wonder a system was needed to help manage all of those leads and to make sure none slip through the cracks! The combination of Zurple and Leo's administrative support staff gives him peace of mind that all of his leads and clients will be fully taken care of, even when he's away from the office. 

“Zurple's automated emails help me start conversations - both with new leads and existing leads. If we're on an appointment, the system steps in to let the lead know we got their message and assures them we'll be in touch shortly."

Other Lead Generation and Nurturing Systems Simply Didn't Cut It

Leo has tested all of the major real estate lead generation and nurturing systems available - and each and every one fell short when compared to what Zurple is able to provide. Leo's biggest challenges were effective lead tracking, lead nurturing and visitor-to-lead conversion - so to say he was thrilled to find a solution that could solve for each would be an understatement. 

The other systems were either too complex, they failed to generate conversations with new leads or they only did a small portion of the work Zurple's system is able to do on Leo's behalf. Most pointedly, they failed to effectively nurture leads until they were ready to speak with an agent. In addition, generic messages sent from other nurturing tools were one-size-fits-all, which is to say they were not effective at generating valuable lead replies.

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