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Shared Traits of Highly Successful Real Estate Professionals

Posted by Irina Jordan

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Jun 17, 2015 12:00:00 PM


Featured Agents (left to right): Kenny Truong, Melissa Tucci & Bob McTague

Some agents and brokers have over 25 closings a year, every year, while other real estate pros feel lucky to have 10. What are these top performers doing differently? Today, we’re going to answer that question. We interviewed star agents and brokers around the country to identify the similarities they all share.

Top 5 characteristics of highly successful real estate professionals:

  1. Trait #1: Disciplined and Determined:

         Top agents and brokers:

  1. Trait #2: Creative & Versatile

    Top agents and brokers are:
  1. Trait #3: Heavily Involved in Real Estate & Community

    Top agents and brokers are:
  • very active in their communities – they volunteer, serve on civic boards and support local businesses by the way of referrals
  • knowledgeable about their local market, real estate trends and the impact both have on their communities
  • keeping their finger on the pulse of their community and always researching local housing numbers
  • consistently working closely with other local agents
  • constantly expanding their sphere of influence through networking
  • excited to let new contacts know they are in real estate
  • proud of their job – they love what they do

  1. Trait #4: Focused on Exceptional Customer Service

    Top agents and brokers are:
  • committed to being the best at their real estate craft
  • ready and available to serve clients, whenever and wherever
  • attracted to automated systems that streamline business processes without sacrificing service

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  • always honing their superior phone skills
  • dedicated to helping as many people as possible
  • practitioners of the ‘attitude of service’
  • known to perform at their best
  • always challenging themselves and their team to perform at the highest level possible

  1. Trait #5: Efficient & Focused on Attention to Detail

    Top agents and brokers are:

Incorporate these five proven success traits into your day-to-day business operations to take your real estate business to the next level. 

What has proven to be successful for you while growing your real estate business?

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