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Making the Right First Impression – 3 Expert Tips

Posted by Robin Soldwisch

Mar 15, 2016 9:28:02 AM


As a realtor, you need to master digital communication, including being active on social media, crafting some interesting blogs, and responding quickly to any emails. While all of these are important, success in real estate is often dictated by your ability to interact positively with people face-to-face. And it’s the first impression that often counts the most. Here are three tips for realtors that want to make the right impression that can turn new contacts into clients.

 3 Tips for Realtors to Make the Right First Impression:

1. Watch Your Body Language

  • Smile - It sounds simple, but smiling changes your entire body language, even altering the tone of your voice. You don’t want to go with a “Jokeresque” fake smile, but instead a natural smile that says you are approachable and open to a discussion.

  • Eye contact - Making eye contact is also important, because it shows you are intently listening to the other person and take their opinions seriously. Buyers and sellers are emotionally invested in the process, and appreciate a realtor that truly listens.

  • Tone - Your tone of voice is also vital for that first impression. You want to sound authoritative on the subject of real estate, but not pushy or inflexible. Remember that buyers and sellers are trusting realtors with the biggest purchase or sale of their lives so they’re more comfortable with someone that gives off confidence. Speak clearly and concisely to show prospective clients that you can be trusted to advocate for their needs.

2. Dress Appropriately

You’re handling six or seven-figure deals for your clients, so dressing in a professional manner is needed to build confidence and trust. People make subconscious judgements the minute they meet someone, so be sure you don’t ruin that judgement with a stained shirt or casual attire.

You should also pay attention to regional dress styles and expectations if you are starting off in a new market. For example the dress code in Charleston, South Carolina will differ from Silicon Valley, but the point is to be consistently presentable and professional. And the market you operate in will also dictate your style, since meetings with commercial buyers might require a suit, while a residential property means nice pants and a dress shirt. It’s recommended to dress better than your peers, which can be another way you can set yourself apart competitively.

Dressing well can also make you perform better and more confidently, which can only benefit your clients.

3.Build a “You” Brand for Referrals

You are a brand. Every interaction you have with someone in a professional capacity is a chance to showcase your knowledge and positive attitude. If you meet a curious next door neighbor at an open house who has no interest in buying the home, then don’t give them curt attitude. Greet them as warmly as you would a potential buyer who is very interested in the property. You need to always be “on” because referrals can come from anywhere. Maybe the neighbor will refer their cousin to the home in an effort to get them to move into the neighborhood. Or the neighbor will be looking for a rental property in 18 months and they recall your friendly demeanor.


 The whole “never get a second chance” cliché’ about first impressions is largely true, especially in real estate where you likely won’t get a second chance with prospects. You either stick in their mind as a trusted advisor and professional or someone that is uninterested and unprofessional. Focus on confident speaking and mannerisms, a professional wardrobe, and building your brand to make those first impressions count.


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