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3 Free Real Estate Brand Building Tools

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Oct 17, 2014 12:08:00 PM

Real-Estate-Branding-ToolsBuilding a successful brand is hard work - so today, we've put together a post that provides you with three free tools you can use to simplify the process. Click the title of any freebie outlined below to learn more about that topic!

Check it out!

Freebie #1: Identifying & Planning Your Brand

Where should you start? First, you need to spend some time identifying what exactly you want your brand to say about you and the way you do business. This step includes doing some soul searching, brainstorming and coming up with a few things that differentiate you from your competition.

Download Your Brand Strategy Planner

Freebie #2: Designing a Successful Logo

Next, it's time to figure out how you're going to visually portray everything you came up with using your brand strategy planner with a logo that encompasses the heart of your business. Some things to keep in mind here are: 

- Consider your existing branding and design (you'll want your logo to be cohesive)
- Think unique when it comes to  design concepts (your logo shouldn't look like everyone elses)
- Try to create something that is memorable and easily recognizable

This may sound like a daunting task - because it is. If you don't have design experiences, I recommend using a service like 99designs or designcrowd. Dozens of designers will do the dirty work, you just have to provide a creative brief to give them direction, and provide feedback and choose a winner.

Download a Case Study: Successful Logo Design

Freebie #3: Implementing Effective Real Estate Marketing

Do you know the 5 C's of successful real estate marketing? 

Knowing how to be helpful and relevant to your consumers is truly the key in creating engaging marketing content and setting yourself up for long-term success. Check out the 5 C's and make sure this strategy matches your marketing approach to increase your effectiveness and fuel business growth.

Download  Your Free Guidebook on  5 C's of Real Estate Marketing!

Bonus Freebie: Create Awesome Real Estate Newsletters in 5 Simple Steps

Check out this post on how to build impactful, effective real estate newsletters in just 5 simple steps! Keep your prospects engaged with your brand, share local market and community information and wow readers with a modern, effective design.

Use these free tools to maximize the effectiveness of your real estate brand strategy!seperator

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