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Motivate Your Leads To Find Their Home On The Market With You

Posted by Kenneth Palmer

May 18, 2017 6:35:00 AM


2017 has been dubbed a seller’s market by many sources. With all that inventory available, the home buying process can seem daunting to many home seekers. Those leads will still need motivation to find their home, and preferably with you. We’ll explore how to motivate your leads into finding their dream home with you through market snapshot emails of your local area.

These days, most of the consumer base is self-educated. While this is great for real estate agents that are trying to find the most serious leads, it also means that your leads are going to spend a great deal of time tracking down different information around the web. Alternatively, you can become your leads one source of real estate knowledge.

Market snapshot emails show leads which listings are available in their desired neighborhoods. Included are the most important factors leads normally spend hours searching for such as:

  • How many properties are available in their area(s) of interest
  • The median price for homes in that area(s)
  • What the average time is for a listing in the area(s) that they are interested in


This will provide your leads an idea of what to expect for homes in the area that they have expressed interest in. Your leads will also be able to visualize the success of buying a home in a time period where prices have gone up.

Not only have prices gone up, but buyers of course still want to get the best price for a home. The market snapshot emails can help you save time by possibly eliminating areas that are either too expensive or not exactly what your lead was looking for. Your market analysis will build leads’ confidence in your knowledge of local markets and ability to buy a home.

In this seller’s market, anything you can do to inspire confidence with your leads is huge. A great way to build that confidence is through education and analysis of what your leads are looking for. But what’s going on in the marketplace is only part of the challenge.

To see how Zurple can help you build confidence and warm your leads to close, schedule a brief chat with a team member today.

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