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Generating Website Traffic With Pinterest For Real Estate Agents

Posted by Nicole Finzi

Aug 17, 2016 8:15:00 AM


If you didn’t already know - Pinterest helps boost traffic to your real estate website! While you may just be using Pinterest for fun, you could also be generating traffic to your website! Real estate is a tough industry to be in, but thankfully we have tools like social media to help us market our business. In order to maximize your reach, publish your content on as many platforms as possible and link visitors back to your website. What makes Pinterest so special is that it is one of the fastest growing social media platforms ever. Don’t you want to watch your website traffic to grow too?

Here are 6 ways you can generate traffic from your real estate pinterest page:

Find your niche

As a real estate agent, your niche should have something to do with the industry but should not be as generic as real estate.. Pick your specialty - something that is not as popular on Pinterest and stick to it! The less competition in the name of your real estate Pinterest boards, the better. Maybe you have a passion for open houses, or backyard designs… whatever the case may be, use your creativity and own your niche!

Fresh content

Just like any other social media platform, the fresher your content, the better your results will be. Your real estate Pinterest followers want to know what’s new in the industry. They want the hottest tips available. So much of the content that is on the internet is old and over used. Gain the upper hand by coming up with something new, and post a variety on a regular basis.

Add the URL to the pin description

Including the URL in the description of the post will not only make it easier for visitors to get to your website, but it will also be easier for their followers to get to your website when your pin is repinned. While Pinterest automatically adds a link to your image, it doesn't link to your website, so to maximize your website traffic from Pinterest, include your website URL in the description.

Call to action

If you want your Pinterest visitors to make their way to your website then tell them to do so. If you include a call to action in your post, people are going to be more likely to click on it.

Categorize your boards

There is nothing worse than clicking on a Pinterest board titled one thing, and then finding a multitude of pins that have nothing to do with that also. Keep your real estate Pinterest boards organized. Having a board for each different topic that you are passionate about will make visiting your Pinterest more enjoyable and therefore will result in more traffic to your website.

Contribute to group boards

Contributing to group boards allows your content to be seen by a much larger audience. This means that not only will more people be re-pinning your content, but more people will have the opportunity to visit your website.

Pinterest drives millions of visitors to other sites via referral traffic. The more traffic you generate to your website, the more potential clients you will be engaging with. Make your pins count so that you can drive as much traffic to your real estate website as possible!

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