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Real Estate Leads Don’t Hibernate in Winter

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Nov 24, 2014 10:45:00 AM

winter-real-estate-leadsThe weather outside may be frightful (unless you live in a warm weather year round state like me, in which case, it's still rather delightful) but before you pull out your heated blanket and tuck yourself in to wait out the cold, blustery days - consider this. There may be fewer real estate leads for agents in the colder months – but there are still active leads – and these leads have some very positive things going for them.

3 Benefits of prospecting leads in cold-weather months:

  1. More Serious:

    Homebuyer data shows that homeshoppers who are looking to buy in the winter months tend to be more serious about their search and typically move faster on a home purchase than those who enter the market in the spring or fall. Use their fast-moving timeline to your advantage! Motivated buyers and less inventory means more commission opportunity for you.

    On the flip side, leads looking to sell in the winter realize the market is generally down and are anxious for great agent representation to help them get the best price for their property. Communicate with your leads and let them know you can help.

    By marketing yourself as an agent who specializes in both helping winter buyers find their perfect home despite lower inventory and helping down-time sellers get top dollar for their property, you’re sure to generate some cold-weather business.

  2. Less Competition:

    Many agents ease up on their prospecting in the winter – which means you will be facing less competition from other agents in your area. Take advantage of the winter wane – swoop in and offer your services at every available opportunity.


  1. Less Restricted by Neighborhood:

    Often times, wintertime homeshoppers are individual buyers or couples sans school-age kids. Without a neighborhood requirement dictated by school districts – you have a lot more freedom to show more properties in a variety of areas (which helps in a lower inventory market) that could be a great fit for your buyer leads.

    Pro Tip:
    Winter also brings a lot of “lookers” – people scouring real estate websites and doing market research in preparation for a Spring purchase. Without ongoing, effective lead nurturing in place, you will miss out on a chance to capture motivated springtime buyers to front-load 2015 sales goals.



Keep leads warm with ongoing nurturing this winter!

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