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3 Ways to Show Your Real Estate Clients Some Love

Posted by Rachel Garris

Feb 13, 2019 4:19:00 AM

Show your real estate clients some love this valentines day Valentine's Day is tomorrow - I'll be sure to forward this article to my boyfriend as a not-so-subtle hint (ahem). Hopefully you have big plans for you and your sweetheart, or at least a little self-care day lined up if you're still looking for Mr./Mrs. Right. Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is the perfect chance to show people you love them - how can you use this unique holiday to show your real estate clients some love too?

Everyone loves to feel loved and special - your clients included! What better day to show that than Valentine's Day. Whether they are satisfied past clients, current clients, or a potential lead, use this holiday to your advantage as you spread the love. 


Here’s 3 Easy Ways to Show Your Clients Some Love on Valentine's Day:


  1. Send a quick text

Holidays are a great time to touch base with clients and potential clients alike! Reach out to a current or past client to wish them a Happy Valentine's day and check in, or send a quick text to a potential lead you've been meaning to follow up on. 

Everyone will be anxiously checking their phone to see if their Valentine has reached out - beat them to the punch and strike up a conversation.


  1. Send flowers or a small gift

It may not be everyone's love language, but sending a small holiday-centric gift is a wonderful way to stay top-of-mind with past and potential clients. Woo your prospects by sending a small bouquet of flowers, or maybe a little something sweet (does anyone ACTUALLY like Edible Arrangements?). They are sure to appreciate the gesture, and it's a memorable way to get potential referrals from your past clients as well.


  1. Offer a Valentine's Day promotion



Not much of a gushy gift giver or a word person? Get down to business - offer up a Valentine's Day themed promotion! Holidays are the heart of timely advertising. Consider offering a giveaway with every referral, or enter everyone who gives you a referral into a raffle for a gift. Get creative! Using social media to promote this special giveaway is a great way to build engagement with current followers, and boost your online presence to potential clients shopping around online.


We wish you best of luck expressing your love this Valentine's Day, especially in your real estate business! Stand out by offering fun themed giveaways, sending small gifts to potential clients or satisfied customers, or even just using the holiday as an excuse to reach out. Wear your heart on your sleeve, and your clients will thank you.

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