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The Best Office Setups for Real Estate Teams

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Jun 28, 2017 7:00:00 AM

The real estate and mortgage industry employs the greatest number of remote employees (source). With the internet and cloud technology driving this trend forward, it’s important that brokerages keep their physical office space up to date.  Real estate agents are unique in that while they can work remotely most of the time, most will eventually need a physical office space. Follow the tips below to create a hospital office environment for your real estate team.


The best office space for your real estate team will:


Emanate Professionalism

professional real estate office setups.jpgGreat office spaces make employees and guests feel comfortable. Be sure your office exudes a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere to accommodate your guests. Install a permanent reception desk. This will convey that you are committed to clients in the long hall. Also, be sure to have a working plasma screen in the conference room, so that clients do not have to huddle around a computer screen for a listing presentation.

Convey Your Style

professionalism zurple office space brokerage.jpg

Style has a lot to do with the residential real estate industry. When clients walk into your brokerage’s office, you will not want your style to be remembered as bland or administrative. Consider styling your brokerage around it’s niche real estate markets. For example, if your brokerage specializes in beachfront, luxury real estate, an office with upscale nautical furnishings will pair well. Or if you specialize in eco-friendly homes, create a natural feel to your lobby with live plants or a water fountain.

Be Comfortable

Clients should feel safe and secure.comfortable-real-estate-office-designs.jpg Conference rooms should have privacy enabled with sound proof windows and walls to keep client’s personal finances private. Office amentities, such as free wifi and coffee are also a must. Both clients and employees should have access to natural light and oxygen omitting plants. Your waiting room should also have print materials related to your niche client’s interests. These materials can range from your current listings to magazines based on your niche real estate market. 

Enhance Productivityproductivity-office-space.png

With more agents working remotely, it’s important for brokerages to provide a functional living space. Team members that meet with clients on a regular basis (such as listing agents, buyer’s agents, and sales representatives) should have their own private conference space or meeting room when needed. A modular space will assure remote employees will have a space a professional place to meet employees in. Although traditional cubicles and open floor plans maybe the most affordable option, science says they could be destroying your team’s productivity.

An Oxford study found that employee satisfaction and productivity are directly correlated with noise distractions (source). Even if cubicles and open space work environments cost less to construct, these options may be more expensive in the long run if employee productivity is negatively affected.

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