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Using Time Travel to Gain an Advantage in Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

May 24, 2018 3:05:20 PM

You know what would be super valuable? Being able to receive messages from your past self, telling you information that would be useful in closing transactions and generating real estate leads? Did you know that Zurple already has that technology?

We can't venture to say that Zurple has invented time travel. We do have advanced technology to be able to make educated predictions on a lead's behavior using lead intelligence data...but that is the closest we have gotten to seeing the future.

Instead, we have given you two advantages when it comes to converting your real estate leads to real estate clients: intelligent email automation and a reminder tool. We will be discussing the latter today.


Using Time Travel to Gain an Advantage in Your Real Estate BusinessHow to Use the Reminder Tool to Convert Real Estate Leads

Set Reminders for Birthdays

A personal email, birthday card, or text message can add to anybody's special day. It helps you stand out amongst the crowds of people on Facebook only knowing it is the person's birthday because Facebook told them it is. Chances are you might not be friends with your lead on Facebook yet, so this is one of the best ways to build rapport.

Move in Anniversaries

Your relationship with your real estate clients doesn't end after you drop off a closing gift. It should be continual, because nurturing that relationship will help you generate more referral business. Some new homeowners might not even remember their move-in date...but you should. It's a reason to celebrate, and also an excuse to touch base with them...maybe ask for a referral or testimonial?

The Lead Will Be Available

Perhaps you have a lead that lives a busy life, or does not live in your local area. Here is your chance to remind your future self that they will be available for follow up, a listing presentation, or a showing. Be mindful of their time, but also be mindful of yours too...set a reminder to call that lead again to set something up.

Zurple Reminder Feature
Follow Up with Leads That are "Just Looking"

The reality is that not all leads will be ready to move into a new home after they first fill out the lead capture form on your website. Most of them will be "just looking", or simply need more time to research. After you have that person's information you can set a reminder 30 days from now to follow up with them. The fortune is in the follow up. The most persistent agents are the ones who produce the most.

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