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Want to rock your next listing presentation? Read this...

Posted by Jessica Schweppe

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Oct 9, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Prospecting takes a lot of work – so when you get a good seller lead (which I think we all agree can be tricky to come by these days), you really want to knock their socks off at your first face-to-face meeting. A listing presentation gives you the opportunity to tell your lead why you’re the best agent for the job and show them what you can do to help them get their property sold quickly and for the best price. 

So what can you do to ensure you rock your lead’s world and walk out of your meeting with a new client on board every single time?

Follow these five steps (& get our free listing presentation template!):


  1. Do your homework

    Trust is a huge factor when it comes to a seller selecting their agent. You are potentially going to help them manage one of the biggest financial transactions they’ll ever make in their life. That said, whatever you do, don’t go in to your meeting blind. Prepare yourself by spending some time studying the history of the property and details about the neighborhood - then come up with a list of a few unique selling angles you can use to elevate potential buyers interest. Also, spend some time researching your potential client and come up with a list of topics to touch on that are important to them. If you show up prepared, you’ll start your working relationship from a place of confidence. 

  2. Provide marketing samples

    If you have a few go-to marketing methods you use to generate buzz about a new listing on the market, prepare them ahead of time and show your soon-to-be clients what you’ll be doing. This can be anything from flyers to Craigslist posts. If you can find well-taken exterior photos of the property online, you can use those to build out some sample materials. If not, drive by the property and snap a few great shots yourself. Prepare your samples, drop them into an organized PowerPoint presentation and show up market-ready to wow your lead!


  1. Be prompt & prepared

    No one likes to waste time and being late certainly makes a strong first impression - and not a good one. It is absolutely critical that you show up on time. In fact, I would even recommend showing up 15 minutes early and hanging out in your car. That gives you time to get yourself ready for the presentation before you make your grand entrance. Also – be sure you’re ready to answer any questions the seller may have for you. Bring along data on surrounding area home sales, what’s typical for that time of year, market conditions, etc. Be able to speak intelligently about the data and explain any changes that have occurred over the past several months. If you can explain complicated data that makes zero sense to the seller upon initial review, you’ll illustrate why working with a professional is so valuable.

  2. Have a positive mindset

    Before you walk in the door, put a smile on your face. Make sure you’ve got a cheery disposition and are ready to make a great first impression. It also works well to imagine the success up front – think to yourself that you’ve already nailed it and you’re just going in to work through all the details and you’ll eliminate any nerves you might have been feeling. If you had a rough morning (flat tire, screaming kids, hungry but no time to eat…) make a diligent effort to forget about all of that for the duration of your meeting. I also recommend keeping some quick snacks in your car or bag at all times – it’s hard to be positive when you’re feeling hangry (hungry + angry).

  3. Be optimistic but realistic

Explain your strengths and any unique angles you have on marketing the property but do not – I repeat, do not – overpromise results. Doing so will only set your client up for disappointment and will lead to a frustrating experience for both parties. Explain typical time frames, things that could go wrong and how you’ll address them if they do. Showing that you’re experienced and that you remain calm under pressure will give your potential client the confidence they need to sign a contract.

Pro Tip:
If your lead isn’t quite ready to sign right then and there, follow-up with a handwritten note. The thoughtfulness behind the note will stand out and will serve as another differentiator between you and your competitors.


Follow these five steps and you are guaranteed to rock your next listing presentation!

 Dazzle your prospects with our customizable listing presentation!

Download Your Listing Presentation Template!


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