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4 Steps to Warm Up Cold Contacts

Posted by Rachel Garris

Mar 11, 2019 9:58:57 AM

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Ah, cold calls. Dreaded, often-overlooked, and especially challenging if your lead list has gotten cold over the winter months. With spring thaw comes the approach of busy season – as a real estate agent, you can’t afford to wait around for leads to come to you. You have more options than ever before in today’s tech-centered world to prospect leads, but how do you utilize the list you already have?


Here’s 3 Steps to Warm Up Cold Contacts

  1. Investigate

Your leads are all online. All other forms of advertising have shifted to target their online consumers – don’t feel invasive if you need to do a little detective work to see what your leads are interested in. You’ll need material to start a conversation – try looking up their social media platforms. People post what they love and are interested in, so they won’t find it creepy if you are showing genuine interest.


  1. Prepare

No matter how much experience you have as a real estate agent, you’ll want something to fall back on if the call doesn’t go as you planned. Practice your pitch beforehand, write out a script, and have talking points based on your research. Remember: you’re not some telemarketer. You are a real estate professional, and you want to help your leads find the home of their dreams (or sell their home for their ideal price). Your potential leads will appreciate your prepared, genuine approach.


  1. Follow Up

Once you’ve made contact, make sure you don’t let them go cold again! Consider email nurturing to keep these newly thawed leads warm. You’ll want to provide potential clients with meaningful content and helpful tips to stay top of mind. Social media is also a great way to keep in touch with contacts. They may not be ready to buy immediately, but you making contact is the first step towards building a great working relationship. 

By taking the initiative to turn your cold call list into prospects with new hope, you’re setting yourself up for success. You can make use of your cold call list by researching your leads to have valid talking points, preparing a script to make sure you sound professional, and following up properly through email and social media after your call. Happy prospecting!


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