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What's Best for Real Estate? Google, Facebook, or Bench Ads?

Posted by Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis

Mar 7, 2019 8:30:00 AM

So you have a little bit of capital to invest into increasing your regular lead flow. After doing a bit of research, you notice agents are pouring their cash into the same funnels. Is it worth it?

What's Best for Real Estate Google Facbeook or Bench Ads

Which Ad Platform is Best for Your Real Estate Business?

Google Ads?

If somebody is curious about homes for sale in your market, they will very likely do an online search first. Investing into google advertising can ensure you a top spot on the first page of google. So if a millennial home buyer searches "Downtown Dallas Homes for Sale", the link to your website or landing page can be served to them before they see the organic search results. Google is a great solution for finding buyer leads, but not the best when it comes to seller leads.

Facebook Ads?

After facing our own mortality from hearing a young person say "Facebook is for old people", we can also resolve that those same old people include the ideal demographic of home buyers and home sellers we enjoy working with. With so many users and a multitude of targetting options, Facebook is great for finding a leads that match the specific niche you service. Seller leads? Military relocation? Female baby boomers? You can find these people easily through Facebook ads.

Bench Ads?

Spending your money on promotional physical items will not yield an immediate return. Instead, they are great for branding and brand recognition. If you look at it from the perspective of generating leads, it is hard to deduce which leads first found you because of a physical marketing material. However, when done correctly a good call-to-action with a compellling reason to visit your site, such as finding out what a prospect's home is worth, can generate the same amount of traffic that an online ad does.

Which is the best?

None. Real estate agents shouldn't just throw their money at a dartboard to see what sticks, that's not how marketing strategies or dartboards work. You need to have a specific reason for utilizing each medium. Perhaps you are a buyer's agent, and only need to advertise on google alongside your relationship building skills. Or maybe you are driven to find listings, so Facebook Ads coupled with cold calling FSBOs are what works for you.

Either way, you must be smart about your lead investment. We have designed a budget template for you to use to help you calculate what you should spend on each platform.

Click Below to Download Your Free Budget Template!
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