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3 Zurple Stats that Will Make You Re-think Your Real Estate Business’s Email Marketing Strategy

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Feb 7, 2018 6:00:00 AM

So you’ve drafted killer email templates for buyer leads because you figure you might as well create a script you can use for reoccurring scenarios with buyer leads. To your dismay your emails don’t get the response you hoped for. Or maybe you’ve spent hundreds on email automation software, but fail to see any of your emails generate a response. That’s because generic email templates aren’t a one size fits all solution to nurturing leads. 


Why Drip Emails Don’t Work

Buyer leads can hide behind the curtain of the internet and make it difficult for agents to gauge what stage of the buying cycle they are in. Without data on leads it’s impossible to personalize email responses. The Zurple platform pairs big data analytics with email automation software to decode, nurture, and convert online home shoppers. Some of Zurple’s best performing email types are based on lead’s online behavior. Below we’ve shared just 3 out of hundreds of behavior-based emails Zurple uses to nurture buyer leads

Zurple Stats that Disprove Drip Emails & Templates

  1. Saved to Favorites Emails Averaged a 77.1% Open Rate in 2017

    Saved to favorites is what it sounds like, a user favorites a property with the intention of viewing the property again later. On search sites like Zillow and Trulia users have the ability do this by clicking the heart icon next to the listing. Many agents, including Zurple agents, allow users to save listings on their real estate website as well. When users do this it’s your opportunity to reach out.

    Zurple’s Saved to Favorites emails average a 77.1% open rate  We also capture Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com leads by allowing agents to email leads that initially favorite a property on these sites. Zurple agents can view a lead’s entire list of favorited properties from their Back Office. Click here to learn how you can respond to leads that favorite one of your listings - Respond to Favortied Properties.
  2. Preferred Property Emails Averaged a 82% Open Rate in 2017

    So, you know from a buyer’s online search history that they are very interested in a specific property. They continue coming back to the property as it’s their dream home. However, they don’t have an agent or connection to show them that property. This is your opportunity as an agent to jump in. It’s important that you follow up with the buyer on that property. 

    A preferred property is one that a user views at a level of increased frequency when compared to the number of views of other properties. The Zurple platform uses an algorithmic alert that differs for each user depending on the average number of views for all the properties. When a lead displays they prefer a particular property, Zurple will send this lead a Preferred Property email. Zurple’s preferred property emails average an 82% open rate.

    Learn How to Automate   Preferred Property Responses

  3. High Value Property Emails Averaged a 68.8% Open Rate in 2017

    One hot behavior of buyer leads is when they continuously view higher priced listings in a market. When a buyer lead is this interested you need to set yourself apart from other agents. Offer to send listings before those listings are uploaded to the MLS . Send new listings that match their search criteria. Provide property updates on listings that are no longer on the market or go up or down in price. Zurple’s high value emails average a 68.8% open rate. 

    The Zurple platform uses proprietary big data analytics and email automation software to convert buyer and seller leads through email and lead profiling. Without analytics, email automation will miss the point of understanding the consumer. Plus, it’s virtually impossible to follow up with every single lead that registers on your real estate website (and in a timely mannerat least for the amount of leads each Zurple agent recieves). If you’d like to see how Zurple works to convert your buyer leads, request a demo be sent to you in the link below –

Request a Demo

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