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4 Must Have CRM Features for Small Real Estate Teams

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Sep 11, 2017 6:00:00 AM

From a lead’s perspective, one of the main benefits of working with a real estate team is the increased brain power. When working with an individual agent, leads will miss out on the diverse skill sets only a team can bring (note: there are also a lot of benefits of working with a solo agent as well, such as personal attention). That’s why it’s important for small real estate teams to choose a CRM platform that’ll allow agents to combine their skillsets, actively manage customer relationships, and steam line sales processes. We’ve outlined some of the key features small real estate teams should look for in a CRM below.

Best CRMS for Small Real Estate Teams4 Must Have CRM Features for Small Real Estate Teams

  1. Pipeline Tracking

    The goal of forming a real estate team is to increase the number of transactions, however, things can get complicated. Small teams should be able to zoom in on individual contacts to reveal more than just basic contact information. Team members need to to easily look up each individual interaction they’ve had with a contact – whether that’s through text or email. With Zurple, agents can view all incoming, outgoing mass and individual texts and emails sent through Zurple's Back Office.
  2. Transaction Management

    Having two separate platforms for transactions and lead generation can be complicated. Small teams often do not have team members dedicated to managing and integrating both platforms – such as an IT department or data analysist. That’s why Zurple chose to integrate with dotloop. With dotloop team members can zoom in on each transaction. Each Zurple agent receives 10 free “loops” or the space where each contact’s legal and financial documents are stored.
  3. Intuition

    Complex CRMs are ideal for large businesses, especially those with IT departments. Small teams will benefit from CRMs that ease workflows and streamline customer engagement. Each team member will be updating files, increasing the likelihood for error - however an intuitive CRM can correct for human error. Zurple features such as Lead Priority Ranking make it easy for each agent to understand leads. With Lead Priority Ranking agents can categorize leads according to their online behavior. Each team member will know how close a lead is to closing without having to consult another team member.
  4. Cloud Based

    Anytime multiple agents are using the same CRM each agent should have mobile access. Say your listing agent needs access to a lead’s profile at a listing presentation, they should easily be able to access your CRM from their tablet, laptop, or mobile phone.

    Curious about the Zurple platform? Request a free demo be sent to your team. One of our Account Executives are more than happy to walk you and your team members through a presentation of Zurple’s Back Office. Request a demo in the link below:

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