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4 Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates as A Real Estate Agent

Posted by Kristina Brunnler

Dec 11, 2017 4:33:00 AM

Email marketing is a trusted marketing campaign for many agents. However many agents struggle to get leads to open their marketing emails. An open rate in email marketing is defined as the number of contacts that opened the email divided by the number of contacts the email was delivered to.

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According to Mail Chimp (a multi-industry email marketing service) the Real Estate industry averages a 20.84% open rate. Zurple, the Real Estate Industry’s #1 Email Automation Platform averaged a 48% open rate between July and November this year. Zurple is #1, because it’s the most intuitive email automation platform. Our lead intelligence software, tracks lead’s online home search history and caters email messages accordingly. Since you are likely not a Zurple customer, we decided to provide a few email marketing best practices to help you with your next email marketing campaign.

4 Email Marketing Best Practices for Real Estate Agents

  1. Clear & Concise Call-to-Action -

    With any marketing campaign, you’ll need to make it clear what you want your contacts to do. This could be to request a comparative market analysis or view your current listings. Be sure you make it obvious what you want your contacts to do. Include bolded links, link buttons, and email copy that builds up to your call-to-action.
  2. Lots of Links –

    The sole goal of your marketing emails is to drive traffic to your real estate website and online listings. Your email’s links do not have to lead to the same web page. Some links can direct to your blog others to your listings on Zillow. Be sure to also include links on images. 
  3. Strong Subject Lines

    An email subject line is like a first impression. If it doesn’t capture lead’s attention, they will not take the time to open your email. If you know a lead is interested in a specific property, mention it in the subject line. If you know a lead needs to sell their home in the next 3 months, mention your track history of sale times.
  4. Limit Images –

    While images increase engagement, be careful with using too many images. Email providers such as Gmail or Yahoo, may send your email to the spam folder. Follow the 25% rule, no more than 25% of your email template should be image based.

Considering email marketing to capture seller leads? Consider Zurple. Zurple’s seller leads program averages a 69% open rate and a 23% response rate. To request more information on Zurple’s Seller Leads program, click the link below:

Learn More About  Zurple's Seller Leads Program

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