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5 Ways Facebook Marketplace Will Change How You Sell Properties

Posted by Kenneth Palmer

Oct 19, 2016 6:30:00 AM


Let’s face it, in the oversaturated market of buying and selling platforms, it can become a real challenge to stand out. Often times, you’re marketing across several platforms and spending a lot of time managing all your real estate social media posts. Worry no more however, Facebook has been rolling out their new Marketplace, a tab on the main navigation bar of their app that will revolutionize the way you sell real estate through a Facebook listing.

While the entire Marketplace will range from small goods to larger purchases, savvy real estate agents are already seeing the big picture, they can market properties through the app. While it’s true that agents can already accomplish this through groups and communities, there are some definite improvements. Do you “Like” what you’ve read so far? That’s good because we’re just getting started!

5 Ways to Leverage the Facebook Marketplace Feature:

Having a consolidated location for property listings

While there are several groups on Facebook where you can already market your listings, having to navigate to the individual groups can prove to be a daunting task. You need all the time you can get so any added time constraints are cutting into talking to more serious buyers. By monitoring and posting to one location, you not only save time but you also get to display all of your listings in one place.


Ensuring direct and immediate communication from potential clients

They say that communication is the key to any successful relationship and business is no different. No one likes to be ignored and feel as though their needs are not being attended to. Through the Marketplace tab, leads and agents alike are able to seamlessly, specifically, and immediately communicate about a listing. This will allow you to not only be able to reach out to your prospect instantly, but should you need to return to the conversation in the future, you do not have to search for the listing they are interested in. You can even talk to them about their likes to further solidify your relationship.

Assuring security and confidence with your client

Craigslist scams not only shock consumers, but they also undermine the realtor profession as a whole. Suddenly, the listings that you had posted into the classifieds were met with a certain amount of wariness. How much did that potentially cost you? Facebook Marketplace on the other hand has the distinct advantage of removing the anonymity from the equation and putting trust back into your hands.


Staying relevant and immediate (on an app that lots of people already use)

Nowadays with the abundance of so much information, it can prove difficult to stay top-of-mind with prospective clients. Not only are you competing for their attention, but you are also after their business. Remaining relevant to your consumer base has been shown to improve sales and downstream referrals. With housing all of your listings in one location and having the ability to message clients directly, you will be able connect in a very personal way.

Including links to your site for the listing

One of the chief complaints that agents make about listing properties on Craigslist is that they are not able to backlink to their site. This can put a buffer between you and your prospective client if they show interest but you have to contact them again at a later date to send them a link. Facebook Marketplace circumvents this issue by allowing you to link directly to your site thus streamlining the process and giving you the advantage of tracking the lead through automated software.

Taking advantage of a robust and well-known app is always a good move. Taking advantage of what looks to be the new go-to e-commerce destination for sales is genius. As a real estate professional, you know the importance of capitalizing on every channel of potential revenue that you can. 

You too can reap the full benefits of Facebook leads with an automated prospect and nurturing program.

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