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6 Ways to Connect with Online Leads

Posted by Robin Soldwisch

Feb 25, 2016 9:00:00 AM



Congratulations – you have a new internet lead, oh yeah! As technology advances, more real estate agents are leveraging social media, personal websites and technology companies to generate online leads, but sometimes it’s impossible to actually get a hold of this mysterious online lead. We all know that some website visitors are really just browsers, and aren’t truly looking for a home or to list their property, so how do you make that connection?  Follow these steps in order to engage with your online leads.

6 Ways to Connect with Online Real Estate Leads:

  1. Respond immediately

    Whether it’s by phone, email or text - respond to your new lead as soon as they’ve form filled on your site or have reached out to you via social media. If they are shopping around, there’s a good chance they’ve stumbled across other real estate agents who may take the upper hand on you if you don’t respond quickly.
  2. Provide insightful information

    You probably got a new online lead because they are asking some form of question, or they’ve become interested in one of your properties. When responding, give them insightful data that they will find useful and that will give you credibility. Follow these steps to get leads to respond to your emails.
  3. Ask questions that prompt an answer

    When reaching out to your new leads, don’t just respond with a “thank you” and with the information they asked for, respond in a way that engages the lead. Make sure to suggest conversation. 
  4. Send listing updates

    Home shoppers, or browsers, love to see pictures of houses. Send them emails with your properties or properties available to buy in the market. They will remember your brand, and will enjoy the emails. 
  5. Include online leads on your mailing lists

    Now that you have your new lead's email (you have it don’t you?) you should immediately add them to your contacts, or email list! Some online leads take a while before they warm up enough to work with you, so make sure you add them to your email list so they receive your holiday emails or monthly newsletters ensuring your brand stays in front of them.
  6. Ask to connect on Facebook

    Make that connection on social media – it’s okay! Plus, once they’ve “Liked” your page or are “following” you, each time you make a post your brand will stay with that lead for when they are ready to convert into a client.

Getting a new online lead is awesome, but be sure to follow the above rules to actually turn that lead into your client. Don’t worry about over connecting with your new lead, the purpose is to keep your branding in front of them so when they are ready, they will connect with one of the olive branches you’re extending.

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