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Amplify Your Real Estate Video Marketing Success with YouTube

Posted by Irina Jordan

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Jun 10, 2015 7:00:00 AM


With over a billion monthly unique visitors, YouTube has an audience for just about any type of video content, including real estate. You know a ton about the market and local real estate trends, so share your knowledge by establishing your own YouTube channel.

There are tons of benefits to incorporating YouTube into your real estate video marketing strategy. The main one is, Google owns YouTube, which means videos published on the platform rank really well in search results. Additionally, creating valuable videos that help buyers and sellers understand the market also make leads feel more connected to you. If you execute your video marketing strategy well, you can turn 10 minutes of your time into an invaluable, evergreen, trust-building marketing tool!

Follow these 5 steps to establish a successful YouTube channel:

    1. Produce engaging content:

      Create content that is engaging, informative and entertaining. We recommend creating a combination of evergreen educational videos (that will remain relevant over time) and fun videos that are short and highly entertaining (e.g. showcasing a local event that’s really unique).
    2. Come up with memorable video titles:

      Titles that get people curious will drive traffic to your YouTube channel, so spend some time brainstorming great titles. Be sure to include relevant keywords and keep the length at 50 characters or less for greater reach and better search engine optimization.

      Pro Tip: 
      Use our blog post brainstorming worksheet to come up with creative, catchy video titles.
    3. Customize your channel:

      Creating a visually appealing channel not only helps establish your brand identity, but it also shows that you know what you’re doing. Be sure to optimize your channel bio and custom URL to maximize audience appeal.
    4. Take advantage of channel trailers:

      YouTube allows you to create a brief trailer that plays automatically when someone visits your channel. For best engagement, create a 60 second video that tells your viewers why they should listen to you and set it up as your channel trailer. Be sure to provide a short introduction of who you are and why you’re the best at what you do. Click here to learn more about channel trailers. 
    5. Optimize your video descriptions:

      The content in your video descriptions is absolutely essential to real estate video marketing success. The more concise and compelling you make your description, the more people will want to watch your video. Each description should give a brief summary on what you’ll be covering and should include keywords focused on terms leads will be searching for in order to find out about real estate in your area. You can also incorporate links, so be sure to add URLs back to your website and other social channels.

YouTube marketing provides a great way to build a strong online presence and loyal followers of your brand. It does take time, perseverance, consistent effort and long-term commitment to get the most value from this social media platform… but you already knew that, right?

For tips on how to launch your strategy, get our free Video 'Get Started' Guide.
For more advanced strategies, check out this Curaytor show.

What is your take on YouTube marketing?

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